Cummings Engages US-based Liberians -Ramps Supports for CPP; As CPP-USA Holds Grand Fundraiser

MONROVIA: The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, is leaving no stone unturned in removing all hurdles to his presidential quest, by mobilizing support from US-based Liberians for his candidature. Hitting the tour circuits in the United States of America from June 30 to July 2, 2023, Mr. Cummings and entourage which included his Vice Standard Bearer, Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine, among others, held marathon engagements with the Liberian communities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey where his message of reform, good governance restoration, and the fight against corruption resonated well with the people. Capping off the tour, the CPP-USA held a grand fundraiser that saw Liberians from all walks of life turning up to put their money where their mouths are.

According to a July 5, 2023 press statement from CPP-USA Convention, for three straight days from June 30th through July 2, Mr. Cummings was as energetic as a marathon runner, commuting between Philadelphia and Bristol in Pennsylvania; and Burlington, and Trenton in New Jersey, where he met and interacted with his fellow Liberians, some of whom are his supporters and others who support other political parties.

“Overall, his message of fighting against corruption, prosecuting those accused of corruption, and seizing the illegally acquired properties of those guilty of corruption, good governance, ethnic and religious tolerance, and cultural diversity, resonated very well with Liberians he met and talked with.

“As soon as he touched down at the Philadelphia International Airport on Friday, June 30th, he went straight to Burlington, New Jersey for the meet and greet program where he met CPP USA members and other Liberians who support his bid for the presidency of Liberia, come October 2023. He had a great time with them who had traveled from far and near to attend the CPP USA convention. Addressing his supporters on that occasion, Mr. Cummings spoke of the need for Liberians to vote for change that will benefit all Liberians. He drew the analogy of the bowl of rice and said that everyone would eat from the bowl based on the efforts he or she puts in, noting: ‘If you are strong and hard-working, you will eat more but if you are lazy, you may not eat much.’ He said part of the reason some may not eat much will depend on whether they are corrupt or not corrupt. He said he will encourage Liberians to work hard with honesty so they can all eat equally from this bowl of rice. Under his administration, he said, there will be zero tolerance for corruption and those found guilty will face the full weight of the law. He repeated this message everywhere he went and just like a breath of fresh air, his eloquence on the issues affecting Liberia resonated with his audience everywhere,” the CPP-USA Convention release said.

Mr. Cumming later joined the CPP USA members at a business meeting in Bristol, Pennsylvania, Saturday morning, where he expressed thanks and appreciation to the organization and other Liberians for their support. However, the CPP Standard Bearer did not hesitate to inform his audience that if they are supporting him to engage in corruption, he will not shield them from prosecution.

“After the business meeting, Mr. Cummings and his entourage went to the football field in Hamilton, New Jersey where Liberians usually gather on the weekends for football practice. While on the field, his vice-presidential running mate, Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine arrived. She was received with enthusiastic cheer from the people. She pledged to work with Mr. Cummings to deliver the change that Liberia deserves as a long-time sovereign nation. Just like Mr. Cummings had done many times, she drew a comparison between Liberia and other countries such as Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, etc. She said that the citizens of those countries making progress elsewhere in Africa are not smarter than Liberians. She emphasized the need for genuine change and that she is ready to comb the length and breadth of Liberia with Mr. Cummings to deliver the message of hope, development, and progress to the Liberian people.

“From Hamilton, New Jersey, the CPP SB and the VSB went to the Dumboy Valley, a Liberian eatery in Southwest Philadelphia, where they dined on delicious Liberian meals. From there Cummings and his team headed to Limburg Boulevard Park where a group of Liberians gathered on the weekend for football practice. Both Mr. Cumming and his running mate spoke and answered some questions from the audience. The last stop was Four Seasons on Woodland Avenue, a major business corridor with many Liberian business establishments.

“The crowning moment of the convention was the fundraising and grand ball on Saturday night. For those who said that the diaspora is among the most loyal support base of Mr. Cummings the turnout for the fundraising and ball proved very well to be true. The hall was packed with over two hundred people who came to show their support. With the entrance of the standard bearer along with his deputy, the hall was electrified with cheers from their adoring supporters who paid $150.00 each for the event tickets. For these people, it’s not a matter of being “rich,” what matters to them is putting their money where their mouths and minds are. They want a better Liberia, and they see Mr. Cummings as the only candidate who is capable of bringing the change that Liberia deserves and must have.

“Before leaving on Sunday to go back to Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Cummings attended service at the African Methodist Church in Trenton, New Jersey which is predominantly Liberian. He and his entourage, some of whom are Muslims sat through the service that lasted for more than an hour. After the church service when he came outside, everyone wanted to take photos with him to either share on social media or to keep as souvenirs. Right after the church, he headed to the Philadelphia International Airport where he boarded the plane for his return flight to Atlanta, Georgia. Indeed Mr. Cummings and his VSB’s trip to Philadelphia to attend the CPP USA Convention was greeted with great fanfare by Liberians who are yearning for better Liberia,” the release said.

CPP USA was launched on September 17, 2022, under the leadership of CPP Chairman Musa Hassan Bility as an auxiliary group of CPP in Liberia. The CPP is the collaboration of two political institutions, the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and Liberty Party (LP), and the current membership includes Liberians who do not belong to any of the two parties. Among the goals of CPP USA is to mobilize support among Liberians in the Americas for Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, his VSB and other CPP candidates. With the organizing committee set up in September 2022, CPP USA was officially launched in multi-city events on October 22, 2022. The just-ended convention was the first for the CPP USA, and it was a very successful and inspiring event.

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