Cummings Condemns Riots in Maryland -Calls for Swift Redress

The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and a prominent son of Maryland County, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, has swiftly reacted to the violent acts which have led to destruction of properties and disruption of daily activities in the county describing it as heartbreaking. The incident was said to have been spark off by the reportage of an alleged murder of a student and motorcyclist Mordecai Nhemah.

Mr. Cummings stated that mob violence cannot be the way people should channel their grievances. He appealed to the people to exercise restraint and help stop the violence. He said he is aware that the people were hurt but violence is never the answer.

“I also want to call on the government and the judiciary to investigate and prosecute anyone involved in this egregious act swiftly.  Our people need answers, and the longer you delay, the more the pot boils over. The government must work seriously to ensure that there is trust in the justice system; when there is no trust in the justice system, the people most often than not take justice into their own hands. This has to change”, Mr. Cummings said.

He stated further that as the people are seeking for swift redress from local and national authorities, the citizens should remain calm and stop all acts of violence. He went on to say people can only work in a peaceful and secured environment where the rule of law reigns. He also welcomes the curfew imposed by the government of Liberia to ensure that calm is restored straightaway, but hope it is lifted soon to enable our people continue their usual daily lives.

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