Cummings Calls For Peaceful, Non-Violent Elections -Says, “I will Accept Results Reflective of the People’s Will”


MONROVIA: With Politicians concluding their campaigns in compliance to the regulation of the National Elections Commission (NEC) the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings rounded up his national campaign in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County with a call on Liberians for a peaceful and nonviolence elections  on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, saying as Liberians go to the poll and decide on their choices of leaders, the CPP will accept the results on condition, that the results truly and accurately reflect the will and aspirations of the Liberian people.

In a nationwide address from Buchanan, Mr. Cummings who expressed confidence in winning the elections having made his intention known to the Liberian people with a clear roadmap to change the development landscape of the country, said he is hopeful for the citizens to make the right decision on the elections day.

“And when the results are announced, I hope they will reflect your will, your decision, because if it reflects your will and decision, Cllr. Brumskine and I will accept the outcome of the decision. We do not feel entitled to this role, we believe you have to earn the right to serve you and we hope we have made our case for the last several years and several months”, he said.

Mr. Cummings called for a sober reflection on the part of every Liberian on the question of why, Liberia at 176, it’s still ranked amongst the least developed nations, despite of the vast natural resources he said, Liberia at 176, lacked good health care, good schools, no electricity, nor pipe-born water, disastrous roads nationwide, and with vast majority of its citizens living in deplorable conditions and abject poverty.

He blamed the country’s worsening economic conditions and the lack of basic social services and infrastructures on decades of poor leadership and gross mismanagement of public resources.

“After 176 years the oldest republic in Africa, why are we amongst the least developed countries in Africa and indeed for the world? Why do we have some of the worst schools, health care system, why do we not have electricity throughout country, Good roads, running water?

“My fellow Liberians, when I started this journey, I asked two questions, why do we keep doing the same thing over and over and over and expect different results. If we keep electing and selecting people with the same kind of experiences, to lead our country with the same kind of experiences we will get the same results.

“If we want Liberia to change and to move forward, we have to do many things differently including electing and selecting a different kind of leadership. If government was the solution to our problem, if government experience was the solution to our problem we will have the best in the world. My fellow Liberians, we will need a different model, a different way of doing things. We need to elect people who can grow the economy, and create jobs, who can fix he economy, who can train our teachers,  police officer, carpenters,  plumbers, our military officers so that they will make decent salaries to support their families”, he said.

Cummings said, if “government experience” was the required solution to achieving national development and economic prosperity, Liberia would rank amongst the most developed nations.

He said poor choices by Liberians of electing incompetent and wrong leaders over the years, with the same experiences and ideas, has degraded and worsened the country’s great economic potential.

He vowed to take the hard and tough decisions, and said, to change Liberia and accelerate economic development, Liberians will have to do things differently, elect competent and experienced leaders with vision to engender economic growth through the creation of a strong and vibrant private sector.

Cummings said with his wealth of experience and knowledge of economic and business development, he has the capacity to transform the country’s ailing economy, create jobs, fix the roads and restore basic social services.

He appealed to Liberians to give him the single greatest honor by electing him President to lead Liberia’s economic recovery for the betterment of all Liberians.

Rounding up his Campaign in Buchanan, Cummings met with several political, civil society, inter-religious, and interest groups, thanked them and pleaded with them for the chance to lead.

On Sunday, Cummings, along with his Vice Standard Bearer Counsellor Charlyne Brumskine, ended the campaign with worship services at several churches, who offered special prayers of blessings, and wished him victory in the Tuesday,  October poll.

Earlier, in an exclusive interview with Radio Gbehzon on October 7, Mr. Cummings vowed that a CPP government will prioritize the interests of Liberian businesses and, will, within the first one hundred days, begin to restore salary cut of civil servants initiated by the CDC government.

Cummings told Journalists that his quest for the Presidency is to work along with all well- meaning Liberians to change the pathetic condition of Liberians, and not to plunder the country’s resources. He said, as President, he will donate his salary to charitable work, and disabuse the minds of his critics that he is seeking the presidency to amass wealth.

The CPP Standard Bearer said God has blessed him with enormous wealth and that his quest for the Presidency is not for a job, but rather, to use the Presidency to change Liberia for the betterment of all citizens.

Cummings said, while aggressively combating corruption, a CPP Government will ensure Liberia reaps the full benefits of its natural resources, without necessarily aborting any concessionaire agreements. Last week the CPP Standard Bearer visited Bong and Nimba Counties and was accorded a rousing welcome with pledges of support to his Presidential bid.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cummings, accompanied by his Vice Standard Bearer Counsellor Charlyne Brumskine, on Sunday, October 8, attended the closing campaign ceremony of Grand Bassa County Senatorial Aspirant Gbehzongar Findley in Buchanan.

Mr. Findley, former Senator of Grand Bassa County and President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, is seeking re-election.

The impressive ceremony was attended by thousands of Grand Bassa County citizens.

Official campaign for the 2023 General elections ended Sunday, October 8, according to the National Elections Commission timetable.

Since the 2017 elections, Cummings, widely considered the best and most suitable Presidential candidate of the 20 contestants, has remained engaged with Liberians nationwide, advocating the cause of Liberians, and making the case that he is the right candidate to institute real change in Liberia.

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  1. Jake Doe says

    “I will Accept Results Reflective of the People’s Will”. I like to extoll you for such politically and patriotically democratic patriotism which is perpendicularly opposed to the likes of Boakai (vowing to put an end to the country after losing) and his Boakais fellow authoritarian and tyrannical mindsets.

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