Cummings Builds Case for Presidency -Tells America He is the Best Alternative

The Alternative National Congress (ANC) says its presidential candidate in the last general elections will be challenging incumbent President George Weah in the next presidential vote, and that former presidential candidate Alexander Cummings has the ideas for jumpstarting the economy to create jobs for the country’s youths. Cummings, a philanthropist, businessman, and politician is currently in the US where he is meeting with officials and members of Congress. He says it forms part of his plans for launching his presidential candidacy in the next elections. Meanwhile, local media reports support the establishment of an economic and war crimes court to address corruption and to prosecute those responsible for committing gross human rights violations during the country’s civil war. Analysts believe the establishment of the court could help in the reconciliation efforts in the country. Presidential candidate Cummings says he supports a holistic approach to the establishment of the court, with the involvement of all stakeholders, as The Analyst reports.

According to Mr. Alexander Cummings, during an October 16, 2021 interview with the Voice of America, he ran in 2017 after only entering the race 18 months prior to elections, and out of about 18 to 20 candidates his party, the ANC, came in fifth, while maintaining a third place in quite a few regions in the country. Thus, Cummings has decided to challenge President Weah in 2023.

“It’s a fact that the country is not doing well. He is not performing well. And I think we can offer a different alternative for our country, our people. So, we started the process of making our case to the Liberians to consider us to replace President Weah in 2023.

Queried as to why he believes he is uniquely qualified to meet the aspirations of Liberians, and that Liberians will have confidence in him, instead of the incumbent president George Weah, presidential hopeful Cummings stated that he brings solutions to the primary problems Liberians are faced with, which is a stagnant and shrinking economy.

“My private sector experience, my understanding of the economics of finance, of how investors think; what makes them invest; how business people think about investing, creating jobs and making money – make me uniquely qualified given those skills and experiences to help grow the Liberian economy.

“And as I mentioned earlier, under President Weah’s leadership, it is a fact, not because I am in opposition, all the key economic indicators in our country are going the wrong way; they’re going backwards. And so, given that backdrop, given my experience, I think I am uniquely qualified to solve one of the key challenges faced by our country,” Mr. Cummings averred.

War, Economic Crimes Court for Liberia
On one of most the contentious issues that has dogged many Liberian presidential aspirants, candidates and holders of the highest office, especially as it relates to the application of justice when it comes to war and economic crimes, Mr. Cummings said he is very supportive of the establishment of an economic and war crimes court, but would solicit the involvement of all stakeholders, most especially the political actors.

“Let me tell you why. Today in Liberia, the level of impunity around corruption, around just basically following the rule of law – you cannot have a country or an organization or society where people can break the rules, they can break the laws and get away with it. And I think for two reasons, we need to establish the war and economic crimes court. One is to fully put the past behind us so that we can begin to reconcile our country to make sure justice is brought to people that are hurt, no matter how from our past civil war.

“The second reason why this is important is the level of corruption and impunity, and that’s why, for me, it’s important that it’s not just war, but economic crimes. So I am supportive of the idea that Liberians are increasingly rallying around the need to do this because it finds the basis for reestablishing the proper rule of law in our country, and the level of impunity to move our country forward,” Cummings stated emphatically.

The ANC presidential aspirant whose political institution also forms part of Liberia’s biggest opposition bloc, the Collaboration of Political Parties (CPP), maintains that the establishment of a war and economic crimes court in Liberia needs the full acquiescence of everyone for it to be successful.

“I don’t think we can do it without engaging all the actors, the political actors in this effort. For it to be successful, for it be done well, not to be a witch-hunt, for justice to prevail; for us to have both restorative and retributive justice – it must be both; we all need to collectively agree that the process, the timetable, find the funding, and do it together as a country and as a people. Without that, it could potentially become even more divisive. One of the objectives of doing this is to finally reconcile us, to put the past behind us and build the foundation for the future. And so, absolutely, I will enthusiastically suggest, recommend and engage all political actors so that we can do this together,” Mr. Cummings stated.

Washington Visit
Regarding his current visit to the United States, the ANC Standard Bearer disclosed that his current visit to Washington is purely exploratory, to introduce himself and the agenda of his incoming government.

“These meetings are strictly introductory meetings, get-to-know-you meetings, introducing myself, letting them know who I am, what I bring to the table, understanding their interests, answering questions about my perspectives on our country, and to bring to bear what I bring to make Liberia a stronger and better partner to the United States,” Mr. Cummings said.

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