CU Rolls Out Big Plans -Launches PhD in Theology, Scholarship Program; Decreases Registration Fees

MONROVIA – As part of its celebration of the 60th Convocation exercise which was held over the weekend, the Cuttington University has rolled out big plans to further enhance learning at Liberia’s first private and largest higher institution by announcing that by January 2023, it will be offering a Doctoral Program in Ministry and Theology, making her the first university to start the highest degree in the country. Making the pronouncement, the president of the University, Dr. Romelle Horton, said the tertiary institution will also open a Liberia Dental Therapist School, which will be a two-year program to be offered at the ELWA Hospital in September, 2022, which also makes it the first university to be affiliated to a Dental School/clinic. Among other plans, Dr. Horton also disclosed that Cuttington will reduce registration fees for both the full university and the Junior College, and introduce a scholarship program for deserving students, as well as offer free admissions for students graduating from Episcopal High Schools in the country.

Dr. Romelle Horton made these pronouncements when she addressed a mammoth audience that included distinguished guests, graduates, families and friends of the graduates, among others. She also stated that CU’s relevance in the higher education system requires engaging with and responding to the needs of the marketplace around it, adding that today’s employers want college graduates with specific applicable skills.

“Cuttington University, in partnership with the Trinity Dental Clinic, will launch the Liberia Dental Therapist School – a two-year diploma program to be offered at the Trinity Dental Clinic at ELWA Hospital. This is a major feat as Cuttington will be the first University to be affiliated with a Dental School/Clinic. This program is slated to begin in September 2022.

“I am most pleased to announce that beginning January 2023, we will be launching our Doctoral Program in Ministry and Theology, making Cuttington University the first University in the Nation to start a Doctoral Program. Congratulations Team!” she said.

The University President further said CU despite the economically challenging times and also realizing the need to provide quality education that will meet the needs for the future, will effective September this year reduce registration fees at the undergraduate level from $232.50 to $160 and from $112.50 to $85.

“I am also pleased to announce that we will be maintaining the President Work Scholarship for the Dux of all high schools in Bong County and the Dux from all Episcopal High Schools in the country to receive a scholarship to attend Cuttington University. We are also happy to announce that all graduating high schoolers from any Episcopal High School will receive free admissions to Cuttington University”, she said.

Dr. Horton said the University has not only sailed through the current daunting reality, but is also preparing for an even more innovative and technology driven future, noting that she looks ahead with confidence for all that she plans to achieve in the years ahead because of the remarkable response of the Cuttington community to the challenges it faced over the past year.

“I am profoundly grateful for the commitment and dedication of the faculty and staff of this University. I am also grateful and thankful for the level of understanding and cooperation received from the Board. Immense thanks also to our remarkable and resilient students – you stuck with us when times were tough – your patience, positive actions and support, did not go unnoticed and greatly eased the burden of transitioning,” Dr. Horton stated.

She said the CU family is grateful for the sacrifices, timeless dedication and enormous contributions of those whose shoulders succeeding generations continue to stand on and the legacy they have left behind from where the institution decided to honor two of its past presidents by naming two colleges after them. To this end, she said the College of Education will now be named the Dr. Melvin J. Mason College of Education, and the College of Theology will be named the Very Rev. Dr. Emmanuel W. Johnson College of Theology.

Dr. Horton also used the occasion to thank the George Manneh Weah-led government for the continuous support which has provided much needed relief. She also thanks CU partners, scholarship donors, alumni and friends for supporting the institution and joining them to educate and develop the next generation of leaders.

“The year ahead will be a pivotal one for CU as we move from planning processes that have engaged so many members of our community to implementation of a wide range of strategies that will position the University to continue to be an innovative leader in higher education. I have no doubt that our entire community will continue to do incredible things — none more important than working to see that Cuttington live up to the vision of greatness, innovation and integrity at the core of our founding and central to our mission today”, the renowned educator said.

 Touching on the physical development on campus in terms of facilities that enhance conducive learning environment, Dr. Horton said that the efforts of her leadership to enliven the campus and community this year reached beyond the classrooms and labs, adding that visible progress has been made in keeping the campus clean, safe and viable.

 “We have installed VSat units so that the Administration, faculty, staff and students can have access to Wi-Fi; and installed inverter batteries so that the Library is always lit for studying and reading. We have also ensured that everyone has a say in rebranding the University, for together we are unbeatable. Our commitment to building a University that embraces technology is more than an investment in the families and students of our community. It is one of the many steps we are taking to ensure greater educational opportunity and diversity in CU’s, Bong County’s and the Nation’s future”, she said.

Turning to the graduates, she said, taking on the rigorous demands of a Cuttington education, and succeeding, they have accomplished something difficult, but worthwhile, that will keep them in good stead throughout their lives.

“Today, however, I want to focus on a different kind of challenge: moments of truth, when the stakes are extremely high, when you must rise to the occasion. Rise to the occasion with integrity. Your legacies may be determined by mere moments in time. These moments may take the form of a crisis, or of a window of opportunity that opens unexpectedly, inviting you down a new path with greater responsibilities, if you have the courage to choose it. Many years of preparation, hard work, and experience can be tested in an instant. Hold on to your integrity. This is leadership. This is greatness.

“In the words of William Shakespeare, ‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.’ It does not matter how you arrive at those moments, All of us face such moments in our lives—hold on to your INTEGRITY.

“As you leave us for wonderful careers and lives, I hope that you continue to develop the character that will allow you to act with great honor and discipline in a crisis. And if, in such a moment, you worry that you may not be able to live up to what is expected of you, or what you expect of yourself—I hope you remember that you are a SCORPION AND YOUR STING IS POWERFUL. You all have grown—in multiple dimensions and like the alumni who preceded you, it is now your turn to take your education and use it to serve your community. Do not forget Cuttington and the community from which you came.  Give back.

“You are more than ready for life—Be confident. Be compassionate. And most of all, HOLD ON TO YOUR INTEGRITY.  Our parting gift to you, my Diamonds, is to give you your degrees, official transcripts and class pictures today.  CONGRATULATIONS MY DIAMONDS go out and SHINE and may `God’s blessings and favor BE UPON YOU ALWAYS”, she said.

This year’s convocation marked the first ceremony Dr. Horton was in full charge and was also officially inducted as the substantive President of the institution having acted in the capacity for a little over a year.

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