CU Abruptly Adjourns Classes for 1st Semester -Three Deaths on Campus suspected to be COVID-19 Related

The Cuttington University in Suacoco, Bong County has issued a circular announcing the abrupt closure of the institution following incidents of what is said to be COVID-9 related on the campus.

According to sources, the final examinations for all students are to take place between Friday, June 25, 2021 to Sunday, June 27, 2021 not later than 1 pm to allow the students enough time to pack and leave campus which is put at latest 6 pm on that day, the same day the dormitory and cafeteria services are expected to end.

The university has also stated that only students who are financially cleared with the institution will be allowed to sit for the examinations.

Apparently, the University’s decision to abruptly close classes is a result of reports from the premier private university in the country that Dr. Charles Wesley Ford, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Mr. T. Siafa Chowoe, Associate Vice President for Administration have allegedly died COVID-19 related ailments.

It was also reported that some top members of staff have self-quarantined and isolated themselves.

Besides the information made available from the circular, there are some doubts bordering on the seriousness of the management of the institution as it relates to holding of the final examinations and subsequent closure of the university.

Reports trending from the campus say that there are a lot of anxieties, uncertainties and panicking among the students against the backdrop that the administration allegedly does not seem to be bothered about what is happening on campus.

“We are actually in a state of fear and uncertainty; no one is sure of what is going on. We are just moving around and feeding on rumors from some of our friends which is very unfortunate,” a second year student of Economics, who begged to remain anonymous, said.

Another student, who said he is studying one of the science disciplines at the institution, pleading not to be named in the paper, said that the latest schedules of final examinations notwithstanding, there is no idea if the examinations will even be held because there is hardly a teacher around to talk to the students.

“I am due to do three papers tomorrow, but I saw one of my lecturers heading towards Monrovia with his family and only told me I should be concerned about my safety and health first and everything will fall in line later,” he said.

According to information from Cuttington University, the students are not prepared to take the examinations because there is not enough time to study. One student noted that this is so because “We are given only three days to take the test.”

He added: “Additionally, the schedule is conflicting because lecturers scheduled their tests the same time others are giving tests, making students to fall in a situation where they have to take 2-3 exams at the same time since all other time is taken.”

The information furthered that students are also not happy over the fact that the CU administration does not seem concerned about their well-being.

A student said with all that is now happening on campus and the rumors that are circulating about deaths on campus as a result of COVID-19, “we are surprised that instead of the institution closing classes, they are worried about giving exams so as to raise money.”

Calls and text messages sent to some management staff of CU seeking clarifications of what is happening on the campus proved aborted as no response was ever received.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has never issued any directive to institutions of learning in the country to close their services in the wake of the new wave of COVID in the country.

Learning centers are only being told to respect and observe the health protocols spelled out as a way of keeping the students and staff safe.

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