CSO Group Chides Kabineh Ja’neh -Says Former Supreme Court Justice is frustrated

National Civil Society Union of Liberia’s (NACSUL) attention has been drawn to an unfounded and baseless statement attributed to former Associate Justice of the Supreme   court of Liberia, Kabina Mohammed Ja’neh, describing the judicial system under the leadership of Chief Justice Francis Korkpor as lacks independence as well as an extension of the Executive and Legislative Branches of government.

It can be recalled that in a recent interview with the Voice of America, the impeached Associate Justice called for a complete reform of the Judiciary Branch of government if it must regain the public’s confidence.

But NACSUL wonders why will the former Associate Justice Kabina Ja’neh speak so low beyond imagination when he even served on the Supreme court Bench for several years and could not make a single change in the positive direction until he was shamefully and disgracefully impeached by over twenty members of the Liberian Senate for acts against his status as a member of the Bench of the High court of the Republic.

NACSUL believes that the recent assertions by Mr. Ja’neh on such international Platform, the VOA, to denigrate the Liberian Judiciary and that of the hard earned reputation of His Honor, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor was made out of deceit and frustration and as such he must not be given credence by the general public.

We at NACSUL want to make it clear that the statement from Mr. Ja’neh  is a complete contradiction on his part as a former Associate Justice to have branded the Judiciary as an extension of the Executive and the Legislative Branches of government when the Judiciary under Chief Justice Francis Korkpor had over the years made some independent decisions void of any interferences from the two branches being accused.

NACSUL through its investigation has unearthed that the Judiciary has adjudicated several cases involving both the Executive and Legislative branches of government with individuals winning against the two Branches as another show of ignorance being demonstrated by the impeached Associate Justice of Liberia. For instance, former Justice Ja’neh claimed that the Judiciary under the watch of Justice Korkpor is an extension of the Executive and the Legislature, but failed to acknowledge cases that were won by individuals opposing the government.

To name a few, the Oliver Dillon case, the Liberian Marketing Association case, the case of district number 10, lawmaker Rep. Yekeh Kolubah. Other cases that contradict the assertions of Mr. Jan’eh are the recent cases from the just ended elections where the supreme court rendered judgement in favor of some oppositions lawmakers against the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change candidates in persons of now Senator Gbotoe Kanneh of Gbarpolu, Simeon Taylor of the collaborating Political Parties, Wellington Geevon Smith of Rivercess and Numenie Batikwa of Grand Kru County among many others.

NACSUL can clearly state that the mess created by this corrupt, and none-integral Kabina Ja’neh and his collaborators in the Justice system during his days at the High Court is what His Honor Francis Korkpor and his team are now cleaning on a daily basis to ensure that the Judiciary gets a new face and remains an independent body void of any external interference.

Kabina Ja’neh is not only making these assertions because he loves the Liberian people but based on his previous ambition of ensuring that the late Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine of the Liberty Party who did not even come close to runoff  during the 2017 elections, to be included to go for the Runoff with the current President of Liberia Amb. George Manneh Weah, an action that was rejected by majority members of his colleagues on the Supreme Court Bench.

Ja’neh should also be reminded that he and his LURD Rebel group broke down every infrastructure of the Country including the Judiciary Branch of government and it would take time for these basic institutions to get back to its prewar status only with a visionary and farsighted leader like His Honor Chief Justice Francis Korkpor leading the ship.

NACSUL wants to also bring to the attention of this corrupt and impeached Associate Justice to the enormous reform and transformation being made under the leadership of Chief Justice Francis Korkpor which includes and not limited to the followings:  the provision and training of judicial workers, magistrates and judges for effective and efficient dispense of justice, regular rotation of judges and magistrates to ensure a corruption free adjudication of cases and none complacency and the recent holding of the National Judicial Conference since ten years to provide updates, on regulations and statutes to conform with current realities and International standards.

NACSUL believes His Honor Chief Justice Francis Korkpor is working very hard to decongest the Court’ dockets through speedy adjudication of cases, especially pretrial detainees.

The well acclaimed Civil Society Group, NACSUL also informed Mr. Ja’neh that even though, he is still frustrated and suffering from brain drain over his impeachment by the Liberian Senate, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor did not influence his removal at all and had no hands in the matter and that there is no need to pick up a fight with the Chief Justice that he cannot sustain.

Finally NACSUL calls on the illustrious and transformation Leader, His Honor Chief Justice Francis Korkpor to remain focused and continue to mitigate those aged old challenges of the Judicial system and not to be distracted by this corrupt and compromised former Associate Justice Kabina Ja’neh whose evil deeds against the government and people of Liberia led to his removal from the Supreme court Bench.

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