CSNL Denounces Ruling in Divorce Case -Urges Henry Saamoi To Settle Ex-Wife

MONROVIA: The Civil Society Network of Liberia has expressed disappointment and dismay in the Jury Verdict in the divorce case between the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the International Bank Liberia Limited (IBLL), Mr. Henry Saamoi and his wife, Mrs. Vivian Joe Saamoi. On May 26, 2023, the Jury at the Civil Law Court of Montserrado County ruled to grant Mr. Saamoi divorce plea against his wife in the absence of both lawyers.

In a press statement issued by the organization yesterday, signed by Francis Collins and Sensee Kiadii, Secretary General and Executive Director respectively, CSNL said it sees the jurors’ verdict in the Henry Saamoi vs. Vivian Joe Saamoi Divorce case as a travesty of justice in disregard to the level of inhumane treatment that Mr. Saamoi meted out against his wife. It said the nature of the verdict raises question over the integrity of the jury.

“The juror’s verdict was done in sinister matter on grounds that after the conference between the both lawyers in the Saamoi’s case, it was surprising for the verdict to be placed in the media without the knowledge of the lawyers. The manner in which the verdict was released speaks volumes to which the judicial system has failed to render justice to the poor.

“Though the Henry Saamoi divorce case is his domestic issue that has no relations to the bank, the lawyer of the International Bank Liberia Limited, Cllr. Abraham Eldine was regularly seen in court. He was seen transporting witnesses to and from the court during the hearings. We saw the bank’s lawyer, Cllr. Eldine intruding into the domestic and marriage affairs of Mr. Saamoi who is just an employee of the bank. So, Cllr. Eldine’s action in interfering into the Saamoi’s divorce case indicates the International Bank Liberia Limited role in denying a Liberian woman of justice”.

The release further said the Civil Society Network of Liberia is appalled over information that Mr. Henry Saamoi is bent on not settling his former wife, adding Madam Vivian Joe suffered and contributed a lot the marriage.

“Mr. Saamoi acquired several properties and financial resources during their period of marriage; hence it would be heartless for him to refuse settling his former wife. We, therefore call on him to immediately provide package of settlements for Madam Vivian Joe. We hope the Civil Law Court of Montserrado County will do the legal imperative to ensure that Mr. Henry Saamoi will settle Madam Joe in properties and finances that were acquired during their course of marriage, as provided for by law”, the release said.

Meanwhile, the Civil Society Network of Liberia describes as trash and distracting information being circulated by Mr. Saamoi regarding the court decision of trashing Madam Joe’s plea for settlement. The information is a fake propaganda being spread by Mr. Saamoi against his ex-wife. “The information of the court trashing Madam Joe’s settlement plea is false, as that was Judge Peabody’s ruling to an amended motion made by her lawyers during the court’s hearing”, the release said.

“The final Jury verdict only spoke to the granting of divorce, and not the issue of settlement or division of properties, as being wrongly published by some media institutions. We urge media institutions coming across this information to refrain publishing this out rightly. It is a baseless and groundless basis for Mr. Saamoi to deny providing settlement for his former wife who endured over eight (8) years of marriage with him.

“The Civil Society Network of Liberia wishes to entreat the Civil Law Court of Montserrado County to immediately convene a conference between lawyers of Mr. Henry Saamoi and his former wife, Madam Vivian Joe; aimed at ensuring he provide settlement for the Liberian woman. We also call on the Board of Governors of the International Bank Liberia Limited to halt the bank’s lawyer from interfering into the domestic and marital affairs of Saamoi”, the release concluded.

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