CPP Writes Justice Minister on Security Threats at NEC -Requests for Security Presence and Protection

The Collaborating Political Parties(CPP) has written to the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean for what it called the incident of mayhem that occurred at the National Elections Commission on Monday, April 11, 2022 by elements whom CPP described as members of the All Liberia Party and the Unity Party and has requested for the presence of and or protection by state security apparatus.

While reminding Minister Dean of the complaint being heard by NEC between the CPP and the ALP/UP, the party accused those being involved in the attacks of being members of ALP and UP.    “Several weeks ago, the vehicle of the Liberty Party Chairman was attacked by thugs, describing themselves as supporters of the ALP/UP, while he was leaving the Commission after a Hearing. At last week’s Hearing, these thugs hurled insults at and banged on the vehicles of several executives and supporters of the CPP as they tried to leave the commission. During this incident, the Secretary General of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) was manhandled by these goons and, even after he managed to get to his car, one of them spat on him”, the party said.

CPP, in the letter signed by Messrs Musa Hassan Bility and Martin S. Kollah of Liberty Party and Senator Daniel Naathan and Atty Aloysius Toe of the Alternative National Congress all representing the CPP said at the hearing on Monday, April 11, 2022 they again wreaked havoc at the Commission, blocking the entrance and refusing to allow the Commission’s security to let vehicles through the gate, attacked the vehicle of several CPP executives and supporters and hurled insults and threats at them, and physically attacked an LP partisan.

CPP further over the weeks this agitating behavior by these supporters of the ALP/UP has increased in aggressiveness as their numbers, stressing that incident of threats to the physical persons of CPP executives is a cause for alarm and signal that these people intend to, and are capable of, bloody harm.

The party said what is even more alarming is that these incidents have occurred under the watch of the ALP/UP National Executive leadership, without them making any attempt to quell the situation. It added that this behavior, with the primary purpose of disrupting the ongoing Hearing if continued, has the propensity of endangering lives.

“We are therefore requesting your office to provide state security at the Commission for all future Hearings in this case in the hopes that it will de-escalate any ensuing violence and serve as witnesses to the actions being carried out by these thugs”, the party concluded.

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