CPP Women Auxiliaries Upbeat for Victory Rally -As Teachers, Youth Groups Back Cummings Bid for President

MONROVIA: The Cummings Presidential bid garners massive supports from all spheres of the country as thousands of women auxiliaries, partisans and supporters of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) are upbeat for the “Victory Rally” of the Collaboration, plan to converge today, Wednesday, at the Sinkor 19th Street of Headquarters of the CPP.

Preparatory to the Victory Rally of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) thousands of women auxiliaries, partisans and supporters of the party are upbeat for the major event and have decided to hold a mass mobilization effort tagged “Women’s Solidarity Parade” slated for today, Wednesday, September 27, 2023, which will begin from the Old Road through the main streets of Monrovia and back to the National Headquarters of CPP on 19th Street, Sinkor.

According to the organizers, the women are expected to discuss mobilization strategies, greater women participation in the “Victory Rally”, transportation and other factors to and after the “Victory Rally” leading to the Elections Day on October 10.

Women auxiliaries of the CPP, including market and business women, mobilization committees and extended support groups of the CPP are expected to join in the Women Solidarity Parade today, our sources hinted.

CPP Standard Bearer Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and the Vice Standard Bearer, Cllr. Charlyne M. Brumskine are also expected to address the women group.

A female political activist and head of a special women brigade, Madam Maria Kun, expressed great excitement about the women Solidarity parade and the subsequent “CPP Victory Rally” slated for Sunday, October 1, at the ATS in Monrovia. Our sources hinted that several other women partisans are also excited about the program.

Comprising the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and the Liberty Party (LP) of the late Counsellor Charles Brumskine, the CPP is said to be the biggest opposition political bloc which intends to wrestle state power from the inept administration of President George Weah, the insider averred.

Meanwhile, more than 200 Teachers of the Paynesville Teachers Association and nearly 200 youths of the Conscience Minded Youths For Real Change have pledged their unflinching support for the Presidential bid of Mr. Alexander Cummings and vowed to rally Liberians to ensure victory for the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) at the polls during  come October 10, 2023 Presidential Election.

In separate statements of support, the spokesperson for the Paynesville Teachers Association said they are ardent admirers and supporters of the CPP Standard Bearer’s quest to improve the educational system through training and adequate compensations for Teachers and staff.

The Teachers lauded Mr. Cummings for his single greatest commitment to increase financial support to education on his election as President and pledged to mobilize both Teachers and students in support of the CPP.

In a related development, the leadership of the Conscience Minded Youths For Real Change spoke of the dire need for real and genuine change that will improve the living condition of the down-trodden citizenry.

The Youths expressed confidence in the professional integrity of Cummings and ranked him as the best and most suitable Presidential candidate, capable of resuscitating the ailing economy through massive job creation.

A dispatch from the CPP Headquarters quoted the group as also promising to rally other youth groups and to canvas vigorously for the election of the CPP Standard Bearer, whom they believe, is the most qualified and competent amongst the 21 Presidential contenders in the 2023 race for the Executive Mansion.

The Conscience Minded Youths For Real Change are all Executive members of the Council of Patriots (COP) grassroots movement of activist Mr. Henry P. Costa.

Receiving the statement of support on behalf of the CPP Standard Bearer Mr. Cummings, Montserrado County Campaign Chairman George Wisner expressed gratitude to members of the Paynesville Teachers Association and the Conscience Minded Youths For Real Change for their decision to mobilize support for Mr. Cummings Presidential bid in October.

Mr. Wisner presented each member with a CPP t-shirt as a symbolic gesture of their acceptance and welcome to the CPP in its journey and political struggle to vote out the inept administration of President George Weah on October 10th.

He urged members of the two groups as well as all Liberians to join the CPP Victory Rally slated for October 1, at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia.

The Montserrado County Campaign Chairman spoke of the excitement amongst Liberians and the massive preparation, momentum and buildup to ensure a successful Victory Rally, which he said will mark the beginning of real and genuine change in Liberia.

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