CPP Troubled By NEC Preliminary Results -Vows to uncover “what actually happened”

MONROVIA: The Campaign Committee of the Collaborating Political Party’s (CPP) to Elect Alexander B. Cummings President of Liberia says it is alarmed by the reported numbers the CPP presidential ticket is said to have received so far and promised to uncover and understand what has actually happened.

In a release issued yesterday, the CPP Campaign Committee also said while the party is  still assessing the results at this point, it finds it important that the Committee flags as a major issue of concern the clear pattern that is emerging across the country.

The press release noted that partisans and supporters of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) across the country ‘are informing us’ of troubling concerns that places they voted, including in large numbers of them,  are returning with ridiculously low numbers for the CPP’s Presidential Ticket, noting that  “This is also true where CPP down-ballot candidates are projected to win.”

“We are seeing this undemocratic trend at every polling center all across the country; this is compelling CPP partisans and supporters to conclude that results for the CPP Presidential Ticket may have been predetermined as opposed to reflecting the actual votes cast,” the release said.

According to the release, “We are assessing these troubling reports and alarming concerns and urging all Liberians to be peaceful, as we do so. We are determined to ensure the true will of the voters are upheld.”

The release also said the CPP is resolved to uncover and understand what has actually happened. “Also, we are resolved to factually uncover and understand what has actually happened. We have a duty to our young democracy, our partisans and supporters, and the people of Liberia to do so”, the release said.

The release signed by National Campaign Chairman Ambassador Lewis G. Brown concluded, “Let there be no mistake: The outcome of the October 10 Elections must be seen by the people of Liberia to freely and fairly reflect their will. Nothing else can be acceptable.”

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