CPP Deputy SG Alarms Over “Death Threats” -Says Govt Mastermind of “We Tiyah Suffering” Rally Fund Theft

MONROVIA – The Deputy Secretary General of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Martin Saye Kollah, has formally complained the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) party to Justice Minister Frank Musah Dean and served copied of his complaint to key representatives of the international community, stating in no unequal terms that his life is reportedly under serious threats from elements within the George Weah-led government due to his involvement in the December 17, 2022 “We Tiyah Suffering” Rally and the theft of funds meant for the rally by his driver Simeon G. Davis.

According to Mr. Kollah in his February 10, 2023 letter to Cllr. Musah Dean, he has received series of threats on his life and that of his family since he was named as Chairperson of the “We are Tiyah Suffering” Rally.

“The threats are more serious since President George M. Weah recently stated the government’s position on the ongoing criminal case before the courts involving the formally accused and arraigned Simeon G. Davis.

“The Ministry is aware of the multiple threats against the holding of the CPP rally by a number of ruling party leaders and government officials. These threats, including toward me, have continued, especially after the international arrest of Simeon G. Davis in Sierra Leone. We have reasons to believe that Simeon was apprehended while attempting to purchase a Sierra Leonean passport.

“Mr. Minister, let me be quick to point out that I signed the communication to the Minister of Justice on behalf of the CPP that informed the government of Liberia on the holding of the “We Tiyah Suffering” Rally despite the multiples threat coming from CDC/Government officials,” Kollah stated in his letter to Justice Minister Dean.

Narrating his ordeal in this communication to Attorney General Dean, Kollah, who is also Secretary General of the Liberty Party, said before the rally, two envelopes were dropped at his house with wordings threatening him and his family of death and consequences if he did not desist from the “We Tiyah Suffering” Rally.

“The wordings in these two envelopes read:  Stop your foolish rally and leave this rally business, if not you and your family will pay for it. We will come for you; and Mr. Man you cannot listen, you join Lewis Brown to target our president but we will target you and your family,” Kollah stated.

He further disclosed that he received a second communication a day before the CPP rally money got missing.

“After the rally, the CPP began intense pursuit of Simeon Davis and was gathering information about his means of escape and possible hideout in an effort to bring him to justice. During this period and up to the time he was arrested, I received three envelopes containing threats against my life and family that read as follow: (1) Stop  looking for Simeon if you love your life, you are lucky he didn’t kill you; (2) You will regret fighting our government, the blue army will deal with you; and (3) Mr. CPP candidate, if you want to campaign peacefully in district 6, stop fighting our government or else we will target your campaign,” Kollah disclosed.

He also informed Minister Dean that Simeon G. Davis, while in hiding, made an appearance on Spoon Network on the 9th of January 2023 and immediately after his appearance, two audio conversations between him and a lady bringing out the facts were leaked to the public.

“Two days after Simeon Davis was arrested on January 17, 2023, in Sierra Leone, I received another envelope that reads: ‘Mr. CPP, you and Lewis Brown think this is the end. Just know that we can get anything we want; your life is on the line and this case will go nowhere”. 

Kollah said, upon receiving this envelope, he began informing more high-ranking officers of the CPP who told him to be careful with his movement and get home early.

“All these threats did not move me to inform the Ministry of Justice until I listened to President Weah publicly interfering in the ongoing trial on behalf of the charged and arraigned Simeon Davis, who did not just steal from the CPP but absconded the bailiwick of our Republic allegedly with the help of and support from the ruling party and the government.

“I am troubled by the action of the President to openly undermine the rule of law and feel threatened not just by the mails to me but by the President whose public pronouncement can only reinforce these threats. I therefore feel compelled to draw the Ministry’s attention to this grave and life-threatening situation.

“As President, Mr. Weah, at least publicly, has a duty to ensure that there is respect for the rule of law, and the security of all citizens and residents. However, the self-same President publicly interfered in the criminal investigation of two auditors of the LRA and effectively undermined the outcome. 

“Mr. Minister, I am particularly concerned about President Weah’s statement for two reasons: (1) It does not only threaten our justice system, but aligns with the consistent threats from CDC/government officials toward my person and family; the verbal threats before the rally coming from CDC/government officials. Before the judge can hear the case, the President has summarily declared the accused not guilty; (2) The President is and has compromised the ongoing court case involving the CPP stolen rally money. This leaves the unsettling impression that the President is involved with and orchestrated not just the theft against the CPP but the threats against my life and that of my family.

“Frankly, I am not sure what your Ministry can do about protecting lives, especially my family and I after the President’s statement. Honestly, I also do not believe how the Ministry of Justice can properly investigate crimes, including murder and theft, if the President will continue to declare guilt and or innocence before investigations or court trials are finalized.

“However, I am still compelled to bring this matter to the attention of the Ministry as a matter of the public record. How can our country come to this, Mr. Minister?” Kollah lamented.

Copies of his letter to Justice Minister Dean were forwarded to the Ambassador of the United State of America to Liberia; the European Union Ambassador assigned to Liberia; the Resident Representative of ECOWAS to Liberia; the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria assigned in Liberia; and the CPP Legal Team.

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