CPP ‘Peacefully Dissolved’ -As Cummings, Bility, Brumskine Call for Opposition Unity

MONROVIA: The Collaborating Political Parties, formed by major opposition parties to checkmate the George Manneh Weah-headed Coalition for Democracy Change administration, has met its final dissolution. This once seemingly formidable opposition bloc sailed on turbulent political seas for the most part of its existence, rocked by internal bickering including court cases bordering criminal allegations. Major parts of the Collaboration fell off from the frame, leaving it lean and frail, falling in coma and rising, until all the odds got manifested in the acutely dismal performance of the party during the 2023 general and presidential elections which one of its former constituent members, the Unity Party, won. Finally, the ultimate fate of the fractious CPP has come, with announcement from its leaders that it is now “dissolved peacefully” while its standard bearer is calling on other opposition parties to embrace unity. The Analyst reports.

The political marriage between the Alternative National Congress and the Liberty Party (LP) known as the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has been announced “dissolved by the leadership of the party which contested the 2023 general election amid call for greater unity among opposition political parties in the country to  ensure the ruling Unity Party alliance accounts for its stewardship to the Liberian people”.

The CPP was originally a party of opposition forces against the Weah-led CDC government until internal conflicts over terms of major documents triggered the flight of some of its constituent members, principally the Unity Party.

As the Unity Party took its exist from the CPP, the other two major constituent members—the ANC and LP—took the collaboration to the 2023 elections but their output was far from expectation.

The dissolution of the CPP, aptly described as “an end of an era”, was announced during a special convened press conference yesterday at the National Headquarters of the former party, where the leaders who spoke individually at the well –attended ceremony.

According to a press statement, speakers historicized the major events that took place during the political alliance, including the “number of trials the party was subjected to and the resilience it put up to remain afloat as well as paying homage to each and every one of the stakeholders who held fort during the electoral season”.

Cummings: We Promised to Be Different, and We Did

Speaking for the first time publicly since the inauguration of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, the former Standard Bearer of the CPP Alexander B. Cummings began his speech by thanking the leaders, partisans and well-wishers of the two parties, ANC and LP, and said he felt enriched by their trust and the shared experiences of working with all of them.

“We will never forget the welcoming spirit of our people and their pleas for change in the conditions of their lives and communities,” he stressed, thanking President Boakai on his election and former President George Manneh Weah for his concession after his defeat.

The press statement quoted Mr. Cummings as praising Liberia’s democracy for getting better and challenging Liberians to continue “to strengthen our democracy with responsible leadership and dutiful citizenship”.

“Obviously, we did not win the elections as we had hoped, but we did not lose our principles as some had thought and hoped we would. We dared to be honorable even though we were sometimes entrapped by dishonor,” he noted.

“We showed that as leaders, we can keep promises we make to the Liberian people regardless of the difficulties we are likely to face. We showed that our politics can be honorable, and that we can and must work with all Liberians across our differences in tribe, religion, gender, and party affiliation, for the inclusive development of our country.”

Cummings recalled that that was the essence of the CPP collaboration and the reason for forming it.

“And although we did not win the 2023 presidential election, we had legislative successes in both 2020 when I chaired the CPP and in 2023, that we should acknowledge and be proud of,” erstwhile CPP standard bearer said.

He reflected by say that during the electoral process “the journey was not easy as along the way, interests conflicted and treachery unfolded, but keeping our promise to the Liberian people meant more to us than simply mastering the vices of our politics”.

He said the CPP promised that it would be different, “and we dared to be different, always choosing to stand taller as others tried to put us down”.

“Change is hard. It will not happen overnight. But I am convinced today, as I was back then working with others to establish the CPP that change will come to Liberia. Liberia is simply too rich for Liberians to continue to be so poor. We are too connected – desiring the same opportunities to care for ourselves and our families – to continue to be so divided by tribe, religion, gender and political parties.

“Our system of justice does not have to continue to make it tougher on victims and easier on criminals. Everyone – big or small, rich or poor, man or woman – can be made equal and equally answerable to our laws.

“Corruption does not have to continue to be the pathway to success and prosperity. The government does not have to and should not continue to be the biggest employer so that our individual and group principles are continuously compromised and determined by our quests for government jobs”, he said.

Cummings took swipe at the country’s 177 years of independence but still far from the nation it was capable of becoming adding that he is still hopeful that the citizens will put their country over party and national interest over self-interest.

“I am hopeful that we will commit to changing not only the financial conditions of government officials and their families, but also the economic and social conditions of the Liberian people. I am hopeful that we will stop dividing our people and unite our nation.

“As the CPP draws the curtains today, this is my hope for our country. This is my hope for our people. And therefore, I will continue to be engaged and involved in espousing these Hopes; holding the U.P led government to account and collaborating with all Liberians in the pursuit of these hopes that I have for our country”, he said.

Brumskine: Young People Must be Changemakers

Also speaking at the occasion, Cummings’ former running mate during the 2023 general election, Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine who described the dissolution as a “natural end” said she was sentimental about the CPP as her late father Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine was one of the outstanding figures who started the party but his demise could not allow him to continue to the end.

Cllr. Brumskine thanked the Chairman of the Liberty Party, Representative Musa Hassan Bility who also chaired the CPP during the electoral process for encouraging her to take a step that they believe would transform the Liberian society.

In similar vein, she commended Cummings and the CPP for trusting her to contest as a Vice Standard Bearer on the party’s ticket in 2023.

“I’m also grateful to Mr. Cummings and the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) for trusting not just me Charlyne Brumskine but women, young people, entrepreneurs, Lawyer as well as a person who is willing to institute change in our country” Cllr. averred.

Cllr. Brumskine used the occasion marking the end of the six year existence of CPP to call on the young people of Liberia to be constructive change makers in the country. “Let’s change the dynamic of politics and ensure that our leaders are held accountable and do what is required in the interest of the Liberian people”.

According to her, “our collaboration as opposition political parties in 2018 was not intended to fight the government, but foster accountability by checkmating state actors and ensuring that they live up to their promises”.

She therefore urged opposition political parties to understand the importance of the opposition bloc, urging them not to be afraid, speak truth to power, as well as stand together for the betterment of the country.

Musa Bility: Opposition Must Remain Strong

For his part, the former Chairman of the now defunct CPP Musa Hassan Bility described the moment as sudden which is worth celebrating, adding that it is the first time ever in Liberia history that he has seen a political marriage coming to a calm peaceful closure.

According to the Nimba County District #7 Representative, it has always been easy for political institutions to come together but history has shown that their endings are always confusing.

“As the CPP comes to a close today, we want to extend our appreciation to our members, supporters, sympathizers and well- wishers for believing in our agenda.”

Representative Bility indicated that CPP vision and determination to see a better Liberia has not changed, calling on the opposition political parties to remain strong opposition that constructively engage the government for a better Liberia.

The Liberty Party Chairman reaffirmed his Party’s commitment to opposition collaboration and informed the public that the Liberty Party is not a pro government institution.

“This Political marriage, no matter how difficult it was we have landed to where we are today, but let it be known that those who masterminded the demise of the CPP are in power now and they must be prepared to face us”.

“We want them to know that every action they take, we will hold them accountable, whatever the government does, we will hold you accountable”.

CDC’s Kowo: UP Proceeding Wrongly

At the same time, Congress for Democratic Change acting Chairman Augustus Janga Kowo said with less than four months in office, the conduct of the Boakai led government is disruptive of the peace of the country.

He named the alleged targeting of former government officials, illegal removal of tenure officials from their positions in government and targeting people in the civil service among others as actions that are counterproductive to the peace of Liberia.

The acting CDC chairman indicated that the victory of Unity Party in the just ended election does not in any way show that it has the popular mandate of the people, urging that the government must therefore be careful as to the manner in which it proceeds to protect the peace of the country.

He also called on the Unity Party led government to respect the human rights of Liberian citizens and said protest is a fundamental right of the citizens.

According to him, under the six years of the Coalition for Democratic Change government, Liberia did not witness a single death as a result of protest.

He however lauded the CPP for extending an olive branch to the CDC noting that Liberia’s democracy is making progress.

Other VIP Attendees

The CPP press conference was attended by several opposition political actors including the former standard bearer of the Liberian People’s Party  Cllr. Tiawon Saye Gongloe, National Patriotic Party Chairman, George Mulbah, Movement for Progressive Change Chairman O’Neil Passewe, Chairman of the Vision for Liberia Transformation Party among others.

Others included RiverGee County Senator Jonathan Boychild Sogbe, Maryland County Representative Anthony Williams, Montserrado County District #1 Representative Rugie Barry among others.

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