Country Devil Releases 3 Kinjor Hostages -After Chief Zanzar Kawa, BMMC Deliver 50 Bags of Rice, One Cow

Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County – Credible reports reaching this paper indicate that the impasse at the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) gold mining site in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County is about to be resolved as the Country Devil has “vomited” the three BMMC workers held hostage last week over demands from the citizens that BMMC terminates the contract of the SOGUSS Security Firm, among others.

The release of the three hostages comes amidst a lockdown on Kinjor by the Liberian National Police (LNP) last Thursday where it is alleged that the police fired teargas and life ammunition at the protestors, and that one person got killed as a result of the shooting.

However, speaking with The Analyst on Wednesday, Police Spokesperson Moses Carter said the police did not injure anyone. “Even the Chief Zoe of Kinjor who made that statement has apologized for lying. The Police have turned him over to Chief Zanzar Kawa,” Mr. Carter said.

The Police Spokesperson also lamented the sad situation at Kinjor and prayed that the county authorities take hold of the matter and remain proactive, not to allow tension to erupt into full blown conflict.

“The county authorities should study the early warning signals and be proactive; not to wait until there is a conflict before reacting,” Mr. Carter, stated, confirming the release of the three hostages by the Country Devil. He said the released hostages are in good health and unharmed.

It can be recalled that the BMMC Kinjor site had been a scene of tension since last Thursday when the Country Devil stopped operations of the gold mining company. Business people and others who are not members of the Poro society remained indoors.

The protestors are demanding that the SOGUSS security firm leave Kinjor because they have refused to hire citizens of the area.

When this paper contacted the Senate Chairman on Mines, Mr. Simeon Taylor, he confirmed the fluid situation in the country, but stated that he is not willing to compromise the welfare of the citizens.

Speaking to the press Tuesday before his departure for Grand Cape Mount County, Senator Taylor lamented the tension at Kinjor, indicating further that some of the citizens could be justified in blaming him for the tension because as a senator he was present when his people were mistreated by state security without any regard for his office and person.

Meanwhile, three members of the Grand Cape Mount County Legislative Caucus have called on the protesters in Kinjor to calm down on their protest demands while they look into their concerns. The protestors are also demanding for the pavement of the road from Kinjor to Daniel Town, the electrification of Kinjor, and that all Turkish workers doing jobs meant for Liberians should leave. They also demanded that those Liberians who were recently sacked by the company should be reinstated; as well as relocation of Weajue before the company can recommence operation there.

Senator Simeon Taylor, Representatives Bob Sheriff and Emerson Kamara called on the protesters to remain moderate and avoid destroying properties while their concerns are being addressed.

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