Costa Made Me Lie on Koijee -Jestina Taylor Says Talk Show Host Used Her

Karma is said to be a force of nature or some sort of divine intervention that serves to balance an individual’s act of good and evil. Often defined as something different from man’s precepts of legal justice, karma is seen as a cosmic force that rewards one according to what one has dished out to others. In Liberia, when karma strikes, we say, “good pays good; bad pays bad”, as in the case of Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee who was once accused by a self-imposed exile female Liberian who once claimed of being raped and threatened with death by Mayor Koijee but has now turned 360 degrees to say that her story against Koijee was a lie hatched by talk show host Henry Pedro Costa to politically destroy the man who once even provided consultancy opportunity for Costa’s former fiancée and son’s mother.

Appearing in her own podcast during the course of the week, Madam Jestina Taylor who has been in the United States since she left the country last year, made the assertion recently when she explained some of the circumstances surrounding her arrest, her departure from Liberia, and the roles played by various individuals, including Costa that she discounted as being selfish and nearly contributing to the destruction of her life.

Madam Taylor said she was taken aback by some people who are taking issues with her for not launching attacks on the government and Koijee as being responsible for the ordeal she went through in Liberia; and that her posture at the time could make others to believe that she was making false statement against the government and Koijee.

She said her lawyers had advised her against making any claims on the allegation made while she was in Liberia, as they had already hired private investigators to further investigate all the allegations made against Koijee and the government by her so as to make a final determination of the next step.

“Some of you here are saying, why is Justina not attacking Koijee, she is not attacking the government. It is because my lawyers have hired private investigators to investigate the entire case to see who all were involved. Did McGill actually get involved? Did McGill, Koijee and Costa get involved to get rid of me for what I have said? Did Costa set me up when I was in the hospital?” she rhetorically wondered.

Jestina said, looking back and reflecting on what she went through at the hands of Costa when he lied several times to link her up with the US State Department or people of influence in the United States, the more she grew bitter against those who were opposing her from venting her anger against Costa, noting that they would have done the worst if they were in her situation. Justina noted that Costa does not have the honesty and kind-heartedness of his mother, noting that he might have taken on a different gene from somewhere else.

“Costa you are a shame and disgrace to your mother because that poor woman, Sarah Butty, was an honest woman, but you took the gene from elsewhere. “And for you people who say Benoni Urey is not Henry Costa’s father, I can tell you that Urey is Costa’s biological father. I am the one saying this. I am from Urey’s inner circle. Urey is Costa’s biological father”.

Justina stated emphatically that both Costa and Urey saw her predicament as a perfect launching pad where they manipulated her to make statements that would implicate Koijee for serious crimes which he did not commit just to satisfy Costa and Urey’s selfish interest.

“Why did I go to NEC to explain what I explained about Koijee and the government? Did I know about some of these things? Yes, I did; about Koijee in Monrovia the things he did. Those ones I know, but when it comes to arms being on Gbarnga Farm, it was Urey who told me to say it. It was Benoni Urey. He promised that I would have been protected but he did not; he set me up and I got picked up,” Madam Taylor said, adding that she will not comment further on Urey’s role in her situation but will provide more information so as soon as Urey comes out to make statements just as Costa has spoken out.

She berated Costa on his character as well as dismissed the “impression” being created by some folks that Costa assisted her during the difficult times when police attempted arresting her at the hospital in Monrovia where she was taking treatment, and facilitated her departure from the country through the Ivory Coast.

Madam Taylor who vowed to voice out some of the “dirty deals” Costa was involved in during the process when she was trying to get out Liberia, maintained that it was unfortunate that others will attribute her being in the United States of America to Costa “when what Costa actually did was to lie to me that he will help and he could not”.

She said instead of Costa helping her out, he was busy “exploiting” the situation, giving her the impression that he was in contact with officials at the United States Embassy in Monrovia by introducing fake persons as officials from the Embassy.

“Why did Costa wrongfully give me someone’s information and lied to me and said the person worked with the US Embassy whereby I was already under the protection of the UN?” she wondered in her podcast.

She said even the money collected on her behalf by Costa and his Council of Patriots (COP) did not reach her as those who were said to be in charge of disbursing the fund converted the same to their personal use.

It can be recalled that Justina Taylor, who allegedly broke away from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), claimed she was kidnapped by group of men, gang raped and tortured nearly to death after making accusations against Monrovia City Mayor and the then Youth League Chair of the ruling CDC, Jefferson Koijee.

She fled the country in unknown circumstances to the United States of America where she has been reportedly receiving treatment and seeking asylum.

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