Copious Flowers For EJS At 84 -National, International Well-Wishers Send Compliments

Even before becoming President, Liberia and Africa’s first democratically elected head of state, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, was acclaimed international civil servant, a renowned political activist and politician. All this blossomed when she took the mantle of political authority in Liberia, becoming the President of Africa’s oldest Republic, not only navigating a war-ravaged nation, a pariah state, and transforming it into an internationally recognized country, but also building institutions and entrenching the peace. All this has come with a basketful of meritorious accolades and a length of time on Planet Earth. So, this weekend, as she hit her 84th birth anniversary, both Liberians and non-Liberians without number from far and wide and from the national political divide poured out much compliments and clamored to show gratitude to Providence and to her as she celebrated quietly but intently. The Analyst reports.

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, long after giving out the baton of national political leadership still undoubtedly continues to enjoy national and international acclaim which she has enjoyed as an astute international civil servant and as the Chief Executive of Liberia for 12 years following the end of the 14 years of brutal civil war.

This public admiration for her has been demonstrated with the quantum of goodwill messages that flooded her direction on Saturday, October 29, 2022 when she clocked an amazing 84 years on earth.

The Analyst’s conservative check showed that as early as 12: 01 am on Saturday morning, messages posted on the various social media platforms, Twitters, Instagram, Facebook, etc., could not be completed as they were numberless; all heralding the natal day of one of Africa’s and perhaps by extension, world’s outstanding icons and sending out the indications how she is being revered around the world.

Some of the messages came from prominent world leaders, international figures, professional colleagues, former workmates, former government officials, mentees, celebrities, clergymen, renowned international institutions, among others, describing her in a positive way, especially how impactful her leadership and contributions to mankind have been and the lessons the upcoming generation should learn from the exemplary services she has rendered over the years.

Relatively advanced in age, this first female democratically elected President on the African Continent has not been less involved with post leadership activities. She continues to shuttle around the world contributing time and wisdom to efforts aimed at building a more peaceful, just and equitable world.

She’s World Health Organization’s Goodwill Ambassador, and co-chairs many international forums scouting for solutions to intractable challenges facing the global community.

EJ Sirleaf Presidential Center, which aims to amplify the voice of women and girls in all spheres of life by increasing the representation of women in public service leadership roles in Africa proudly sent out a succinct congratulatory message via its official twitter handle and was responded to by many others who were enthusiastic about the celebration and showed their love and admiration for a strong personality whom they have come to know.

“Our founder @MaEllenSirleaf is a source of inspiration for us & many others working to advance women’s leadership around the world”, the tweet said.

In her usual characteristics of being simple and handling things with humility, an exciting former  President, out of words for the immense recognition and goodwill messages received from around the world, wrote: “Thank you all for your warm birthday wishes. It is heartening to hear from so many dear friends from near and far and to celebrate the day with family.”

Many are still talking about the celebration, though done on a low key and out of the country.

She is currently out of country working resiliently providing solutions to many problems facing the world and she has been very welcoming to assist many global leaders on issues that need her attending like the covid-19 response, environment, gender related issues and general governance related matters.

Madam Sirleaf has had an illustrious career over the years both as civil servant, democracy and human rights campaigner, international figure and crowning it with being one of the greatest leaders of Liberia and the African continent. She has received so many awards from foreign governments, academic institutions and international institutions.

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