COP To Commence Nationwide Protest on July 24


Fellow Liberians,

Dear Fellow Patriots,

Members of the Press

On June 9th 2019, barely two days after we collectively staged the most successful protest in contemporary Liberian history, we announced a one-month suspension of activities to offer our Government the opportunity to join us in our determination to save our nation.

The period of one month has expired and in spite of a public commitment to engage in dialogue, our government has engaged in tactics to ridicule, ignore and further neglect its solemn pledge to serve the Liberian People with honesty, dedication and integrity.

We note that some of our compatriots have expressed their disagreements with our methods, approaches and activities but while we agree to disagree, we want to assure you that our movement remains strong and united on the excruciating pains and sufferings affecting our nation and People.

As we wait for the demands of our petition to be addressed, President George Weah and his Clan continue to indulge in some of the most unspeakable violations of human rights, engage in the wanton abuse and disregard of the public trust and expand the Weah Enterprise.

The blatant insult and neglect of the Liberian People can be seen on a daily basis when President Weah refuses to  publicly declare his assets and have them verified; when President Weah and his Clan remain insensitive to the daily sufferings of Liberians as he engages in lavish spending on foreign trips as in the case of his recent state visit to the Republic of Guinea where more than one hundred fifty five thousand United States Dollars is being expended; when the recent budget presented to the National Legislature offers better living conditions to the rich rather than improve the lives of the poor; when the 16 billion missing Liberian dollars still cannot be accounted for; when the 25 million United States Dollar remains a mystery undergoing several phony investigations in order to shield his beloveth Samuel Tweah, Governor Patray, and others; when donors’ monies are diverted under unilateral conditions; when President Weah plans to retire Central Bank Governor Patray with an amount of Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars package as a reward for helping to deplete our reserve and disorganizing our financial sector; when the Police can shoot live bullets into protesters in Kingsville; when our courts offers no justice and protection for the weak; and now when President Weah and his Clan plan to throw lavish parties and organize wasteful ceremonies on July 26 while Liberians weep over the dismal socio-economic decline of our country.

Fellow Liberians, we can all see an unrepentant dictatorship on the rise and the emergence of the Weah Clan where every business, every contract is linked to President Weah and his cronies. This is unacceptable!

We call on all Patriotic Liberians to reflect for a moment on our country.  Look at yourself in the mirror, look in the eyes of your children especially our girls who suffer daily abuse, take a walk and look around our streets and neighborhoods and how the filth mirrors the heart of our leaders, look at our clinics and hospitals in neglect, look at our schools without hope and promise. Companies are laying workers off left and right and Weah doesn’t care. WE ARE A NATION IN PERIL! Liberia and Liberians deserve better.

Today, we, the members of the Council of Patriots, announce a renewed and continued Protest from Wednesday, July 24th until all of our demands are met. This will be a nation-wide protest covering all counties and a call to address all of the issues affecting our country. In announcing these actions, we renew our pledge to SAVE THE STATE and call on all Liberians and our international partners to join this long march to address the plight of our nation. All Liberians at home and abroad irrespective of religion and political persuasion must stand up to save our nation.

Thank you!


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