CoP, Grand Gedeh Legislative Caucus Condemn Zwedru Attack -Demand Immediate Investigation, Prosecution

In the wake of Thursday’s attack on opposition leader Alexander Cummings and his team in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County by stone-throwing mob, Liberia’s main political pressure group, the Council of Patriots, says it strongly condemns the violent acts carried out by thugs, “acting under the sponsorship of state officials, against members of the CPP in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County”.



According to a CoP statement signed by its US-based chairman Henry Pedro Costa, President Weah must muster the courage to show leadership by condemning such actions and launch a full-scale investigation into the gravely disturbing matter.


“The CoP believes that this is a calculated attempt ahead of the Special Senate Elections to intimidate the opposition through violent tactics. This will NOT work!” the CoP stated.


Meanwhile, the CoP says it wants to make it categorically clear that any future acts of violence will be strongly resisted and shall defend the rights of everyone to defend themselves by all means necessary against state sponsored attacks.


“On another note, the CoP strongly supports a statement made by one of its own in the person of Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, that there will be consequences if there are any attempts to rig the December 8, 2020 Senatorial Elections. The CoP will not sit idly and allow our country to degenerate under a dictatorship that has shown clear ineptitude to govern the country,” the statement read.


Meanwhile, a stalwart of the CPP and executive of the opposition Unity Party, Mr. Mo Ali has informed of what he terms “credible information that the same people that organized the thugs and hooligans in Grand Gedeh to attack the Political Leader of the CPP and other executives, including Hon. Yekeh Kolubah, have organized another group of thugs to launch a similar attack in Nimba when the crew is on their way back.


“The intent is to make it appear like it is not only in Grand Gedeh that people are angry but all over. Such nonsense will not have any place in Liberia anymore. If the government and the CDC feel they are strong and can win the senatorial elections, let them do that by being civil rather than engaging into hooliganism. Again we are sounding this warning. We will retaliate and that could be of a serious proportion,” Mr. Ali disclosed.


Grand Gedians Condemn Attack

The Zwedru attack has also claimed the attention of the Grand Gedeh Legislative Caucus which says it views the incident as unfortunate, embarrassing to the county and its peaceful loving people for its hospitality, and loving behavior over the years, is now being perceived as a city of disgruntled people which is completely contrary to our culture and values.


“The Caucus hereby condemns in the strongest term the attack on Hon. Alexander Cummings, Hon. Kolubah and the entire delegation of the CPP that experienced this unfortunate incidence.    The Caucus is calling on the national security apparatus to arrest and bring to justice all those that masterminded and perpetrated this violence,” the Grand Gedeh Legislative Caucus said in a statement Thursday.


The Caucus further sounded a clear caveat that it will not sit and allow any person or group of persons to use Grand Gedeh County to undermine the peace and tranquility that the citizens are enjoying as a result of the efforts and resources committed by the country’s regional and international partners.


“The Caucus reaffirms its commitment to uphold the rule of law in GGC in particular, and by extension the Republic of Liberia, and wishes to reemphasize it condemnation in the strongest terms the unfortunate incident that took place today 30th July in Zwedru City, Grand Gedeh County,” the lawmakers said.


Relatedly, a high profile Grand Gedian, the son of the late President Samuel Kanyon Doe, has added his voice to the tons of condemnation pouring in against the Zwedru attack on the opposition delegation.


“This is totally disgraceful the way my people are behaving In Grand Gedeh. If you treat a lawmaker in such manner, you risk also getting your lawmakers antagonized if they go to other counties! Yes, agreed we Love our President, but why behave barbarically so that people see the kind, loving people of Mama Gedeh as hooligans!! This is not our nature!! You guys wronged the Honorable man, regardless of our differences!! We have a culture of being very kind and caring to our guests! Stop this at once!” lamented Samuel K. Doe, Jr.

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