Cooperative Is Not Charity – CDA Registrar General Says It’s Business

The Cooperative Development Agency (CDA) over the weekend awarded several Pre-Cooperative Permits and certificated dozens of farmers in Nimba County with the Registrar General, Madam Regina Sokan-Teah, administrating all awarding program in two different Administrative Districts for the first time in the history of the agency.

In her special statement, the former Lawmaker now Registrar General for the Cooperative Development Agency said Cooperative is not charity but a complete business as other any business organization.

“Don’t eat fellow Cooperative money; if people trust you, you must trust yourself to do the right thing for your children’s future,” she said.

Madam Skon-Teah, counselled the recipients that if members of cooperatives assigned specific functions taint their records today, it will follow their children and generations in that when they are vying for any position tomorrow, people will say, “this person parents’ eat our parents’ money before.”

The CDA registrar general also urged newly inducted leaders of the cooperatives not to press the wrong button in the Cooperative Societies, saying that as leaders, they must be servants and people centered, and not rulers because  Cooperative is a business and not Charity organization.”

The CDA Boss further said she was very much proud of the Nimbaians for their hard works, and urged them to keep the hard work as the only way to help reduce the food situation in the Country.

She pointed out sitting home every day cannot help anyone adding that that for people to wash back, you should your stomach.

Meanwhile, a women dominated Cooperative group in Bunadin Town, Mehpea Meh Administrative District in Nimba County which is referred to as the Gleyee Kwadoo Agricultural Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative Society, is mainly involve into swamp rice production. The cooperative also produces red oil, bean, cassava and eddoes.

The Gleyee Kwadoo Agricultural Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative Society which has over one thousand, five hundred women (15OO) and six hundred men (600) in twenty-five communities supply District schools on monthly bases through the World Food Program (WFP).

The other two cooperatives that got were also certificated in Bunadin Town are Kwaloaaluo Cooperative in Gorkorpa, Nimba County; and Kwapehtah Multipurpose Cooperative Society in Zekepa, Lower Nimba County.

Others Cooperative Societies that were awarded Permits and Certificates in Bayleglay Town in Zoa Gbao Administrative District in Nimba County were Minkweakwa Multipurpose Farmers’ Cooperative, Zorkwado Farmers’ Cooperative, and Long-Zian Lorkarquab Cooperative Society, etc.

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