Commerce Ministry Threatens To Arrest Expired Food Traders

The Bong County office of the Ministry of Commerce has condemned the sale of expired food commodities, especially frozen chickens and fish on the market, and has threatened further action against those involved with the sale of expire food products; The Analyst’s Bong County Correspondent D. Patrick Tokpah reports.

The Ministry, through its Bong County Inspector Godlee Manbia, said it has come to the attention of the Ministry that cold-storage owners and petty traders are conspiring to sell expired commodities to citizens for consumption, which he said has serious health implications.

Inspector Manbia said beginning Monday – July 15, Agents of the Commerce Ministry will be inspecting business centers, and table markets in search for  expired or contaminated fish, chickens and other food products, saying that those caught with such rotten food commodities will be arrested and charged accordingly.

Senior Commerce Ministry official in the county told Journalists that it is disheartening and hazardous for people to be selling expired food commodities to citizens.

Inspector Manbia said while the government of President George Manneh Weah is exerting efforts to stabilize the economy, it is necessary for all the citizens including the business Community to jointly support the government instead of undermining the efforts of the President.

Mr. Manbia said selling expired commodities to the locals would cause an outbreak of food-borne sicknesses because consumption of rotten frozen meat and fish including chickens would cause health problems for the people.

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry disposed of more than hundred cartoons of expired frozen chickens from the National Frozen Food Center Branch #6 on the Gbarnga Broad street.

The Ministry described its recent action as a deterrence to would be violators of the Commerce guidelines maintaining that such action will not stop until those involved in the sale of expired commodities desist.

At the same time, Mr. Manbia pledged his full commitment to working with the People of Bong County to support President George Manneh Weah’s pro poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development.

He said with the level of work done by the President Weah, he foresees that Liberia’s slack economic will be better soon.  Mr. Manbia spoke with The ANALYST on Sunday, July 14 2019, at the Gbarnga Central Market during one day of awareness about the effect of expired food commodities.

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