Coastal H’Way Project Starts Soon -As Govt., AfBD Officials Meet to Discuss Implementation

MONROVIA: In a groundbreaking move that is expected to propel economic growth and development, the Government of Liberia has joined forces with the African Development Bank (AfDB) to embark on the monumental construction of the long-awaited Coastal Highway. The crucial infrastructure project aims to address the persistent road challenges faced by the southeast region of Liberia, an issue that has plagued its citizens for over two hundred years.

According to a Tuesday, July 11, 2023 presser from the Government of Liberia, the AfDB delegation comprising Mr. Rufus Darkortey, Executive Director of the Bank, Dr. Benedict Kanu, Country Manager of the Bank in Liberia, and Jean-Noel Ilboudo held a pivotal meeting with Minister of Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., Public Works Minister Ruth Coker-Collins, Minister of Public Works, on Tuesday, at the Finance Ministry to discuss the implementation of the transformative endeavor, scheduled to commence in 2023.

The first phase, known as LOT I, will encompass the construction of a 56-kilometer stretch from Buchanan, Grand Bassa County to the junction in Cestos, Rivercess County. This significant segment of the Coastal Highway project carries an estimated cost of $54 million, a testament to the commitment of both the Liberian government and the AfDB to fuel sustainable development. The entire corridor is about 444km long and estimated at $430 million.

“Recognizing the Coastal Highway as a top priority initiative, the Government of Liberia has underscored its potential to drive economic growth and enhance crucial infrastructure networks across the nation. By linking the southeast region to vital economic centers and promoting regional integration with the Cote D’ivoire, this project has the power to usher in a new era of progress and prosperity for Liberia,” the release stated.

Minister Tweah and Minister Coker-Collins expressed their enthusiasm for the unwavering support of Dr. Akiwumi A. Adesina, the President of the African Development Bank, in facilitating the construction of this transformative corridor. President Weah himself conveyed his sincere appreciation to President Adesina and the entire AfDB for their unwavering commitment to fostering economic development and alleviating poverty throughout the African continent.

The construction of the Coastal Highway marks a monumental stride toward creating a more connected and prosperous Liberia. With its promise of improved transportation infrastructure and increased economic opportunities, this project holds the potential to uplift communities, unlock regional potential, and set the stage for a brighter future for all Liberians.

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