Coalition of Patriotic Youths Commends Pleebo District for Election Conduct -Condemns Speaker Chambers’ Baseless Attacks

MONROVIA: The Coalition of Patriotic Youths, a South East-based youth advocacy group, expresses sincere appreciation to the People of Pleebo District in Maryland County for their exemplary conduct during the 2023 election period.

The group commends the residents for demonstrating political maturity and consciousness by supporting President Weah and electing several lawmakers on the CDC ticket in the South East.

However, the Coalition of Patriotic Youth is deeply troubled by recent remarks and sustained media attacks launched by Speaker of the Representatives Bhofal Chambers against Grand Kru County Representative Cllr Fonati Koffa following his defeat in the October 10, 2023 legislative election in Pleebo Sudoken District.

Speaker Chambers has unfoundedly blamed Deputy House Speaker Fonati Koffa for his defeat, sponsoring numerous media publications to malign the Deputy Speaker.

These allegations lack evidence and appear to be a desperate attempt to tarnish Cllr Koffa’s enviable reputation.

The outgoing Speaker has accused Rep Koffa of spending money to influence voters against him and even suggested that former student leader Anthony Williams, who allegedly ended Chambers’ 18 years of filibuster on Capitol Hill, was sponsored by Koffa.

The Coalition of Patriotic Youth asserts that Chambers’ utterances are not only false and desperate but also dangerous, posing a threat to Cllr Koffa’s reputation.

This post-election outburst against someone who bowed out of the race for speaker of the house in 2018 thus paving the way for him [Chambers] to become Speaker of the House of Reps is deemed a calculated move to undermine Cllr Koffa’s public support.

It raises questions about the sincerity of Chambers’ claims, considering the historical context of their political relationship.

The Coalition challenges Chambers to explain why Rep Koffa, who aided in making him Speaker, would suddenly attempt to undermine him in a tiny district where Chambers had won elections three times.

The Coalition of Patriotic Youth emphasizes that the people of Pleebo, who once supported Chambers, have withdrawn their backing due to his ungracious defeat and the blame game.

It calls on Mr. Chambers to gracefully accept defeat and cease the shameful blame game, recognizing that the same people who empowered him for 18 unbroken years have decided to withdraw their support.

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