Clarence Moniba Storms Monrovia -As LINU Standard Bearer Visits CEIO Speakeasy

MONROVIA – For a newcomer just breaking into the political landscape, Dr. Harry Moniba is certainly changing established political norms and protocols, evidenced by the mammoth turnout of Liberians who lined the principle central business district of the capital city when he turned out Saturday at the Center for Intellectual Opinions (CEIO) to explain the reasons behind his quest for the presidency. As the throng of eligible voters, sympathizers and party faithful fought to touch the LINU standard bearer, Dr. Dr. Clarence K. Moniba seemingly disregarded security protocols as he mixed with the squeezing crowd and danced with the people, at times with his fists raised jubilantly in an expectant victory signal indicating that, indeed, LINU has arrived on the political scene with a banging statement.

The standard bearer of LINU, it can be recalled, stepped into the shoes of his late father, former Liberian Vice President Harry Fombah Moniba, when he assumed the leadership of his father’s political brainchild, the Liberia National Union (LINU). Arguably the youngest candidate to enter the race for the 2023 Presidential elections, Dr. Clarence K. Moniba is leaving no stone unturned as he has released his political manifesto, paramount among which is that he aims to transform Liberia into a modern and educated nation with a thriving economy.

According to the new LINU Standard Bearer, when he wins the Liberian presidency in October this year, transforming Liberia into a modern and educated nation with the thriving economy will be his top priority which will require a progressive and holistic approach with strong leadership and an undeterred motivation to succeed.

“At 43, I represent the new generation of Liberians who insist that our nation can and must do better. I am one of the millions of voices demanding that we must better educate our youth, that we must better care for our sick, and that we must better train our workforce. I represent the millions of young voices who now stand prepared to lead a nation to its full potential; overcoming the status quo to ensure that this current generation of Liberians is the absolute last to suffer the indignities of sending their children to dirt floor classrooms; their sick to un-equipped hospitals; and their families to un-electrified and un-safe communities.

“Being the oldest republic on the continent of Africa, yet having one of the youngest populations in the world, the growth of my country will only come through the fundamental change in the leaders we choose. There comes a time, in a country’s journey, where it reaches a crossroads: one of progress and true national development – or, one of continued poverty and the status quo of a near failed state. For Liberia, that crossroad after 175 years of independence – is here and now! For there to be lasting progress, we can no longer elect the typical politician – where greed, incompetency and self-service is the norm. I represent a generational and positive change, where I will prove that through a reformist agenda – accountability, competency, unbiased implementation of the rule of law, and the sustained development for the great people of Liberia – will be achieved,” Dr. Moniba stated emphatically.

He furthered that to lead this fight will require the commitment and support of all Liberians who can see the bright future and potential of a new and prosperous Liberia; individuals who recognize that supporting his endeavor means that together all Liberians will improve the lives not only of the current generations of Liberians, but for future generations as well.

“Liberia’s future is exceedingly bright, but I need your support in ensuring its success. Liberia needs a leadership revolution in favor of progress over poverty, competence over corruption, and love for country over love for self,” Dr. Moniba stated in his political party’s recently published manifesto.

According to the official resolution signed by all members of the National Executive Committee (NEC), copy of which was in the possession of The Analyst, the members of the National Executive Committee of National of the National Union having assembled and convened a special session on the soberness of our deliberations, on Monday, December 05, 2022, the party executives, cognizant of the commitment and support of Dr. Moniba to the party, his immense potential resolved that the title of political leader was thereby conferred on Dr. Clarence Moniba, prior to the national convention in 2023.

Going by words of LINU Chairman Slojue, Dr. Moniba is to constructively engage other political leaders and relevant stakeholders; work with the executive committee in the search for eminent individuals and citizens of the country who maybe desirous of contesting for national offices in the party’s ticket prior to the 2023 national convention of the party or leading it’s into an alliance of other political parties with a shared commitment to the nation and its; work with the executive committee to successfully organize and execute the 2023 national convention slatted for Voinjama, Lofa County that will usher in a new code of officers to steer  the affairs of the party.

 Dr. Moniba is to work the executive committee to mobilize, recruit and reestablish the party structures around the country leading to succeeding general elections; work with the party mobilize financial support for the party; represent the party at meetings where necessary in consultation with the national chairman; participate and engage the general public in activities to project the positive image of the party; with the executive committee to plan, organize and jointly execute resources mobilization nationally and internationally; work with the executive committee to plan and establish international chapters around.

In his acceptance statement, Dr. Moniba said for the Liberian children who don’t have access to education and have to sell between moving vehicles, for Liberian women who don’t have access to healthcare, for the high unemployment rate and transformation of the country he accepts the role of political leader.

Clarence K. Moniba, Ph.D, is a former Liberian government official. He served as the youngest person in the country’s history to be named Minister of State without Portfolio, as well as the Chairman of the Board of the Liberia Electricity Corporation. He was a Principal Advisor and Project Manager to the President of Liberia and a leading figure on infrastructure development in Liberia from 2014 – 2018. Dr. Moniba at various times also headed the Diaspora Engagement Unit, the Philanthropy Secretariat and the President’s Delivery Unit which oversaw implementation of priority projects. Moniba in previous roles has worked with the African Development Bank’s High-Level Panel on Post Conflict & Fragile States, as well as the United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda.

He was awarded the national medal Knight Commander of the Most Venerable Order of Pioneers – which then President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf stated was for his outstanding and distinguished service in government.

Prior to his work in the Liberian government, Moniba was a professional American football player in the Arena League (2001–04). He is also the author of The Official Guidebook to a College Football Scholarship.

The new political leader is the 5th person to have occupied such the highest position within LINU, following notable individuals including Dr. Harry F. Moniba, Cllr. John Morlu, Winston Tubman, Dr. Nathaniel Blama an now Clarence Moniba.

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