Circuit Judge Wesseh upturns Murder Verdict -For lack of evidence

FISH TOWN:  The  Assigned Circuit Judge of 15th Judicial Circuit Court of River Gee, His Honor  Wesseh Alphonsus Wesseh has upturned and set aside the trial jurors’ unanimous  guilty verdict  of May  30, 2023,  brought  against five  defendants, James Weah, Albert Weah, Pedesco Suwon, Charles Nyanti  and  Suku Sherman for Murder and Criminal conspiracy  on ground that the evidence of the Government of Liberia brought  against the defendant was not sufficient  to warrant the  conviction  of the defendants.

The defendants were in indicted in Grand Kru County in April 2022 for allegedly kidnapping  and murder of Madam Rachel Weah  who reportedly went missing in Boah Dwehken on April 1, 2022.

The Defendants were arrested by the Police in Grand Kru for been in possession of dry skeleton (bones and skull) which the Police said were human bones and skull of deceased Madam Rachel Weah.

Judge  Wesseh  said that the  Government’s  Lawyer in the case  did not provide the best evidence,  that is a forensic or DNA  testing  result that is  linked  to the missing woman, and have therefore  awarded a new trial in line with section  22.1 of the Criminal procedure law of Liberia and section 25.6 of the Civil procedure law of Liberia.

Judge Wesseh’s  action  to overturn and set aside the unanimous  guilty verdict of the jurors  came after the court heard argument in a seven count  motion for new trial filed  by  Defense’s Lawyers, led by Cllr Jerome C Pour challenging the jurors  unanimous guilty verdict against the defendants.

Meanwhile, Prosecuting lawyer, Atty. Fofie Kamara has excepted to Judge Wesseh’s ruling upturning the jurors’ verdict and has announced  an appeal to the Supreme court of Liberia.

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