Chinese Govt Praises Clar Hope Foundation -Donates Vehicle, other Items

The humanitarian initiative of First Lady, Mrs. Clar Duncan Weah, the Clar Hope Foundation, CHF, has been praised by the People’s Republic of China, through its embassy near Monrovia  and also received  a huge consignment of assorted materials along with a 15 – seater mini-bus in appreciation and support of the humanitarian work by the First Lady for the underprivileged people  of Liberia.he presentation took place on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at the Chinese Embassy on the Congo Town Back road.

“We appreciate all the useful work done by the Clar Hope Foundation for the vulnerable groups; the young women, children and seniors of Liberia,” remarked Ambassador Ren during a brief hand-over ceremony at the Chinese Embassy on the Congo Town Back-road.

According to a press statement from the Office of the First Lady on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, Ambassador Ren Yisheng mentioned the ongoing construction of the City of Hope in Marshal, Margibi County and the Home of the Elderly constructed in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County as some of the admirable projects of CHF, which speak volume of Mrs. Weah’s care for less fortunate Liberians.

The release noted that the Chinese Envoy said his government and people were pleased to identify with Mrs. Weah’s work while stressing that such support was indicative of the long-standing cordial bilateral relations between their respective countries and peoples.

The Ambassador named the items as several cartoons of noodles, clothes, academic materials, 200 pieces of tablet -computers and kits-of-love-bags for children among others, noting that they were made possible by the All-China Women Federation, Chinese Enterprises, China Disable Persons Federation and the China Charity Foundation.

While receiving the donation, First Lady Clar Marie Weah described the gesture as a demonstration of the true partnership not only with her office and foundation but also the government and people of Liberia, as she conveyed President Weah’s profound gratitude through the Ambassador to Chinese President Xi Jingpin.

“The government of the People’s Republic of China and its Embassy have always supported in great ways the work of the Office of the First Lady and the Clar Hope Foundation; a foundation that is ultra-passionate about bringing joy, hope and constructive advancement in the lives of Liberian women and girls,” Mrs. Weah said.

The First Lady noted that the government of the people’s Republic of China through its embassy in Liberia has always supported in great ways, the work of the Office of the First Lady of the Republic of Liberia and the Clar Hope Foundation, a foundation that is ultra – passionate about bringing joy, hope and constructive advancement in the lives of Liberian women and girls.

“Our partnership with the Chinese Government and its people is one that continues to see these kinds of gestures of significance and I want to tell you that such makes me humbly gratified.”

In a rather special note of gratitude to the respective groups whose contributions made the donation possible, Mrs. Weah noted that their assistance would change the lives of thousands of Liberians whom they have never and would never meet. As part of the donation ceremony, Ambassador Ren and First Lady Weah signed and exchanged acceptance notes.

Mrs Weah said that when she became First Lady of the Republic of Liberia she decided to use the wider platform that her new status came with, to continue the work that she has always done long before she even met my husband, Do for Others. She averred that the donation ceremony demonstrates the true partnership of the Chinese not only with her efforts, but by extension the Republic of Liberia.

“Indeed, millions  of people  in China will never meet women, girls and children of Liberia, but their donation today will change their lives, for  though they have not met or may never meet, their generosity and goodwill bring an understanding to the plight of the Liberian women, girls and children without having to experience what they go through. This, I must say, is true love and I say thank you,”, she concluded.

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