Cherloe Musu’s Family Returns Home In Agony

MONROVIA – Family members of the late Charloe Musu say they are going back home to Maryland County in grief and agony, after spending nearly two months in Monrovia, enduring what they call disrespect, trauma, disappointment and frustration just as a pressure group has termed the alleged plan of the government to arrest Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott as political ploy to undermine former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai 

Speaking to newsmen Monday, April 24, 2023 in Monrovia, the uncle and brother of Charloe, J. Wade Mle Elliott, Sr. and Natt Bloh Davis said the family members returning to Maryland far more grief-stricken than when they came to Monrovia.

They described as inhumane the manner and form in which they’ve been treated by the Government of Liberia since their arrival and during their nearly two month stay, awaiting the outcome of their daughter’s death and to give her a befitting burial.

The two men, in tears, told journalists that all the family’s inquiries and communications to the government have been treated with cold shoulders and total disregard for human dignity in all measurements.

They recounted the number of times they’ve requested information such as the Coroner’s examination report and the body of their daughter for appropriate funeral arrangements but to no avail.

According to them, the government, through the police, was more interested in torturing them psychologically by summoning the biological parents of the deceased to the National Police Headquarters to ask them questions about things they know nothing about.

“We are leaving with a heavy heart, we don’t want to go but we are compelled to leave because our other kids back home, businesses, farming activities and other engagements back home are left unattended for nearly two months now,” Elliott asserted.

They wondered why the government is still keeping their daughter’s remains in the funeral home since in fact the autopsy had since been conducted and the required information in government’s possession.

Meanwhile, a pressure group, Liberia Democratic Platform-23, has termed news of planned arrest of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott and family members this Thursday as a political strategy to distract the public from the opposition Unity Party’s running mate announcement.

Rumors and speculations of plans to release the late Charloe Musu’s police investigation report and possible arrest of Justice Scott and family members this Thursday, started flaring from Saturday evening, April 22, 2023, following radio pronouncements and social media posts from people closed to power and privileged to every step of the investigation and what its outcome would be.

As alarmed recently by the Maryland Justice Committee (MJC), the rumors of Justice Scott’s planned arrest were sparked by the usual forecast campaign by pro-regime media agents who, along with some politicians, have apparently been directing and dictating the course of the investigation.

The LDP-23 group, in a release issued Monday, April 24, 2023, said the planned release of the autopsy and police investigation reports and the possible arrest of Cllr. Scott and family members on Thursday, the eve of the Unity Party Standard Bearer’s running mate announcement, are intended to cause distraction and take public attention away from the Unity Party’s much anticipated political event.

The group described as genuine, the mounting concerns of several individuals in the civil society and opposition communities that 

Thursday, April 27, 2023, the eve of Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s running mate announcement, was purposely selected, knowing that it would definitely be a big news and would cause serious distraction, considering Cllr. Scott’s profile and her connection with Ambassador Boakai and the Unity Party.

This, according to the LDP-23, also validates concerns that the entire investigation, from the get-go, has taken a political face rather than a professional and genuine probe to unravel the facts and truth.

Meanwhile, a former Development Superintendent of Maryland County, Nathaniel Toe has re-echoed concerns and fears expressed recently by the Maryland Justice Committee about the safety of Cllr. Scott, amid what the MJC termed as massive and well-coordinated propaganda against the former Chief Justice.

The Maryland Justice Committee last week was alarmed about what it called sustained propaganda and judgemental statements against Cllr. Scott are coming from politicians and media institutions closed to power and authority, thus a genuine reason for concern, considering that Justice Scott has been encountering strange and frightening occurrences particularly in the last two years, all which have been duly reported to relevant state authorities.

Mr. Toe said the family also shares the Maryland citizen group’s concern that heightened public indictment of Justice Scott by politicians and pro-regime media agents points to the fact that there has since been a politically inspired and concluded conspiracy theory out of which all of the media propaganda is being hatched and spewed.

He said the family shares every bit of observation or concern by the Maryland Justice Committee, the Liberia Democratic Platform-23 and all well-meaning individuals and institutions, particularly about the constant disclosure by pro-regime media institutions of a planned arrest and prosecution of Justice Scott who has repeatedly alarmed about threats to her family with no genuine steps taken by state authorities until the murder of Charloe Musu.

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