Charlyne Brumskine Receives Mammoth Endorsement -As  Bassa Citizens Pledge Support to Her Representative Bid

By Stephen G. Fellajuah

BUCHANAN – The port city of Buchanan was a scene of intense exhilaration on Sunday, December 11, 2022, when the citizens of Grand Bassa County gathered to petition Cllr. Charlyne Mnamah-Mar Brumskine to represent District #3 at the upcoming 2023 presidential and legislative elections, a representation that many who attended the ceremony termed as the greatest aspiration of the people of Grand Bassa County.

The petitioning ceremony was graced by former Defense Minister Daniel Chea; Mrs. Marthalyne Dakoseh, wife of the late Grand Cape Mount County Senator Edward Dagoseh; as well as Mrs. Estella Brumskine, wife of the late Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, founding father of the opposition Liberty Party and Mother of Charylne Brumskine. Others included former Grand Bassa County Representative Gabriel Buchanan Smith, elders, the religious community, student groups, grassroots women organizations, among others.

Giving an overview of the program, the Chairman of Buchanan United for Brumskine Election (B-CUBE), Mr. Emmanuel Surprise Whea, said the petitioning of Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine followed series with consultations with citizens and stakeholders from diverse sectors of Grand Bassa, in furtherance of the legacy of the late Cllr. Charles Brumskine, founding father and vision bearer of the Liberty Party (LP).

He said B-CUBE will work assiduously to ensure that Charlyne is elected as the next representative of District #3 Grand Bassa County, to afford the people of the district proper representation and to further ensure that the voices of the people resonate at the level of the legislature.

Whea used the occasion to call on all Grand Bassa County citizens, specifically those hailing from District #3, to join the cause of oneness in electing Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine as their next representative.

Reading the petition statement, the Secretary General of B-CUBE, Mr. Jones Karyea, noted that citizens of Electoral District #3, Grand Bassa County, gathered at the Unification Pavilion, Buchanan City Grand Bassa County, from all sectors of society, including various religious, demographic, economic and tribal backgrounds, with shared goal and aspiration, to achieve a better and transformed Buchanan City; a Buchanan City where the citizens are unified, empowered and represented by competent and compassionate leadership at the House of Representatives.

This decision, according to the group, does not come at the behest or for the benefit of any specific individual or group, nor is it for personal interest. Rather, the decision to petition Cllr. Charylne Brumskine was made as a result of consultations with a cross section of well -meaning individuals in the society, Mr. Karyea averred.

“This decision is intended to benefit the people of Electoral District #3 and transform the Commonwealth district through compassionate leadership. The future will be shaped by what happens today. The young people are waiting anxiously for a leader who will fight for us. Our health care and education sectors are seriously lagging behind.

“We wholeheartedly and unequivocally endorse the aspirations of Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine as representative of Buchanan District#3 on this 11th day of December 2022,” the statement added.

Responding, Charlyne Brumskine firstly paid homage to her mother, Mrs. Estella Brumskine, who had been inactive in politicking since the demise of her venerated husband, but now seemed fully reinvigorated to renew the journey as she stood gallantly beside her daughter.

Charlyne also thanked the people of Grand Bassa County for the enormous support, and noted that her representation will benefit the people of Grand Bassa County, irrespective of political affiliations.

According to Charlyne, her petition is one of the greatest honors she had ever received, and she will remain forever humbled to represent the people of District #3, Grand Bassa County. She further acknowledged that the opportunity availed to her by the people of Grand Bassa County is a result of the caring nature of her late father.

“I want you to know that I am a daughter of this soil and we will finish what my late father started. I’ll not eat your money,” she vowed faithfully, stressing that she will work in the interest of the people in such a transparent manner that will bring positive change to their lives.

Speaking on the issues of youth and women empowerment, health and education, and the social welfare of the elderly, Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine acknowledged the difficulties that the people of Grand Bassa County are going through, but promised to work along with them to solve those problems. “I will not change your life in one day but I assure you that together we can make it”, she said.

Making a brief statement on behalf of the Brumskine’s family, Mrs. Estella Brumskine expressed joy to be a part of her daughter’s endorsement by the people of Grand Bassa County.

She also used the occasion to challenge her daughter to properly represent the people of Grand Bassa and alleviate them from those constraints they are faced with.

With God’s grace and your commitment to transform the life of your people, may God’s blessings be always with you. And to the great people of Grand Bassa County, this is your daughter. Just as you held her father, accord her the same blessings,” she told the gathering.

Also proffering remarks, former Grand Bassa County Representative Gabriel Smith said the time has come for new leadership, and with the mantle of leadership, he urged Charlyne Brumskine to serve with distinction and bring pride to the people of District #3 when elected as representative.

For his part, former Defense Minister Daniel Chea extolled the people for making such a wise and bold decision.

Nathaniel Enders, former senator of Grand Bassa County, also made brief remarks, expressing joy and excitement that the people of Bassa have resolved to elect someone that he referred as the “true daughter of Grand Bassa County”.  

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