“Changing Our Course Will Make Us Great” -Cummings Sends Out Independence Message

The Political leader and Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress Alexander B. Cummings has said the 175th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Liberia has placed a responsibility on every Liberian not to fail the legacy and promise of the founding fathers of the country. He also urged Liberians to strive for a new course that will build Liberia on unity, justice, equal opportunities for every citizens without conditions of tribal, religious, party and socio-economic status, etc.

Mr. Cummings assertion was contained in a video message he delivered to Liberians on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, on the occasion marking Liberia’s 175th Independence day celebration, reflecting on some of the circumstances that might influenced the decision of the founding fathers especially against the background of the uncertainties some of them might have expressed for or against the declaration of independence.

“The circumstances surrounding Liberia’s declaration of independence were challenging. I imagine that some of our founding fathers were merely on shore and afraid of the future as they were distrusting each other. I imagine some arguing against declaring Liberia a free and independent nation and simply wanting to go back to the security and comfort of what they know and what they have come to be used to.

“And yet the bore declaration of independence has taught us that we never move forward by going backward.

“I also imagine that some may be concerned that freedom and independence would come with additional responsibilities to govern which many believe themselves were not ready for”, Cummings said.

Expanding further on the uncertainties the founding fathers were engulfed with, Cummings said some likely imagined that the duty to lead themselves, make peace with neighbor, while contributing to the peace and security of the world to unite and make equal opportunities to all citizens of different divisions and tribes, religions, political affiliation and gender would be too much for them to do as a free and independent nation. “The truth is we would not inherit a truly independent country today had our founding fathers and mothers given in to their fears, distrust and uncertainties. We would not have become an inspiration for freedom and independence for many nations and other African countries and around the world would not have seen us today”, he said.

The ANC #1 partisan then went on enumerating some of what he called the notable and historical achievements of Liberia since its declaration of independence, among which were being among the first 4 only African countries that signed the UN Charter as a founding member in 1945, being one of the 32 independent countries to form the then Organization of African Unity, now the African Union in 1963.

“At the UN, we produced the first woman to head the General Assembly while on the African continent we have contributed to the formation of many regional organizations and continental governing and financial institutions including to produce the first woman to be democratically elected President”, he said.

Having listed the positive side of what Liberia has come to be viewed outside, Cummings said regrettably that it does not reflect the country’s true status, saying though independent, the country is not free.

“We have a rich country, but still too poor. We should be united but we are still divided, our women and girls continue to be denied opportunities and have hurdles placed in the way of achieving their dreams. Our schools continue to fail our children, our hospitals continue to be without the much needed support and technology such that Liberians continue to die out of treatable sicknesses”, he said.

Lamenting the state of the affairs of the nation, Cummings said that 175 years after the declaration of independence, the country has only worked best for its officials because too many of the citizens are living inhumane and unacceptable conditions. He said those who once looked up to Liberia for possibilities of their freedom and independence, now look down on the country in disbelief as they forge ahead and leave  Liberia behind.

“175 years later, we must now summon courage to change course. We cannot continue doing things as we are doing. We must be bold not for ourselves but for our children.

“175 years later, we must stop stealing, injustice, corruption and disunity. We must end the unfortunate business of political leadership that is only benefitting few and not many.  We must end the business of Liberia being a place where Liberians cannot succeed and we will continue to be treated like outsiders in their own economy”, he said.

Cummings, whose campaign mantra has been for real change said he knows very well that change is hard to achieve and he is also aware that many people have given up on change because of failed promises “but we must renew our faith in the possibilities of change”.

“175 years from now, it will also be said of this generation that we too were bold in charting the new direction of our country. It may be said, we reset a new course of unity, prosperity, equal opportunities and democratic governance and a transparent and accountable management of our country’s resources to the benefit of all Liberians. “If not us, then who? And if not now, then when?” He concluded.

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