‘Change Is Hard But A Necessity’ -LP Political Leader Smooths Emotion Following Shakeup

The Political Leader of the opposition Liberty Party has been healing wounds that have been created by the just-ended convention at which time elections were held to elect a new corps of officials.

Besides the aftereffects of the conference, the party’s strides to nurse the unfortunate impact of the passing of its founding standard bearer, Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine, including rebranding its structure through constitution amendments, has caused uproar and internal disquiet.

But in her remarks at the end of the LP induction ceremony took place at the Gbarnga Administrative Building in Bong County yesterday, Bong County, the Political Leader, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, said Change is hard but it is a necessity of life because life and growth are inherently concepts of change.

“There are those who fear change and set themselves up to resist its inevitability,” the LP Leader said, adding: “However, in time, what is constant to individual and organizational life is that we must continuously change and adapt in search of who we truly are, and in preservation of our deeply cherished values.”

Despite the resistance of a few, the Grand Bassa Senator said, “change will happen for the betterment of the many, and the success of our party”, stating further that “it’s understandable to love and chain ourselves to the past” but that it’s always best to live for and embrace the future.

“We must look ahead, move boldly ahead, and ready ourselves for the successful future we seek,” she assured LP partisans. “Sometimes, to do this, one must be willing to change – to love the past but adapt for the future.”

According to Senator Lawrence, the first step to a successful future sought by anyone is in the ability of people to change the rules that chained us to the past.

“We will do better together with this new constitution that has reduced the power of the political leader, as a way of broadening the power centers in the party and encouraging a more expansive style of inclusive leadership,” she noted further.

Madam Lawrence asserted: “Our new day must now begin with a new way. It may be hard for some, but in the end it’s best for all, and for the success of our dear Party. Therefore, let us trust our future because it is bright and strong; let us address all concerns internally and constructively; as we have all agreed to do; and let us march forward, strong and united, to our collective success and victory!”

Meanwhile, the LP Political Leader thank her partisans for making her head of the party, and that she was humbled and honored to be chosen as Political Leader.

“I thank you again for the trust and confidence you have reposed in me, and for the support and cooperation that has kept this party at very high standards,” said stated. “As we have been referred to as the party of integrity, we give God the Glory and give our founding father, the late Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, the credit for mentoring us for the challenge to maintain our standards, and do even better.”

According to her, the Liberty Party believes in democracy, this is why the leadership has started a rebranding process with one of the primary goals being to institutionalize and promote inclusiveness.

She added: “We are therefore committed to expanding and growing to firmly establish our reach and influence across Liberia as well as to align our country’s political reality to the values of inclusiveness, the rule of law, as well as the protection of rights and freedoms for all Liberians.

“Therefore, to become and remain true to our values, and succeed as a political organization, we must continuously adapt and reflect the changing realities in Liberian politics as well as be true to the inclusive principles of democracy. As we expand and grow, our real strength must be reflected in our innate democratic values and our embrace of diversities. We must be the change we seek for our country. This is our true purpose, and will define our legacy.”

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