Chambers Thanks Supporters -Says, “I will Be Back in 2029”

After exhausting all legal means to return to the national legislature including a rerun in two polling places in Sodoken-Pleebo District, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bhofal Chambers congratulated the eventual winner of the race, Anthony Williams for the victory and extended thanks and appreciation to his supporters for standing by him throughout the process and exercising their inalienable rights to choose their leaders just as he stated his next line that come 2029 he will return to the battlefield to recontest the seat he narrowly lost to Representative Williams.

Speaking to a mammoth crowd over the weekend at the Pleebo City Hall, Chambers who was ushered on stage by traditional singers and dancers told the people that though the election was lost, but “all is not lost, we will continue to do our best for Sodoken-Pleebo District, you people will forever be remembered in the history of the Republic of Liberia”

While vowing not to turn his back on the people for whatever reason, he referred to them as “winners” and reminded them that sometimes in history, normal order may be changed around, which according to him is a reality and that “life has different colors”

“Democracy should be by the people. But sometimes in democracy, there can be some nuances, that means there can be some little departure. The reality is clear, we cannot go back, we have to move forward. I want to thank you for being civil, for being polite, for being intelligent, for being respectful, for being law abiding”, he said,

He told the people that despite what came out from the election where he lost his gesture towards the people will be unchanged and specifically mentioned, amidst cheers and wild jubilation, that he will continue to pay the school fees of students in the district.

Former Speaker Chambers went spiritual and told the people that God has a purpose for everything and consoled his supporters not to take it personally while emphatically for their peaceful conduct during the election.

“We have to move forward, your time, your energy, your sacrifices will not go in vain. You have stood with us, we must stand with you too. We will continue to pay your children’s school fees, you deserve these kinds of service”, he said.

Chambers did not mince words when he pointed out that he was not happy how some people in Sodoken turned the election to something else as if to say they were not the same people, stressing, “what was done here was not practical; we do things here in fairness, we shall not discriminate against the people of Sodoken district”

“We shall continue to promote peace, to unite our people because we believe in fairness. There shall not be discrimination between our people; there will be no superior and no inferior people in Pleebo. Thanks for standing for democracy”, Chambers stated.

In a way of expressing his disgust for the “outside influence that penetrated our people” during the election and historicized that it was uncommon for the “infiltration” to happen and to divide the people during the election, stressing that even up to the time Maryland as a country then joined Liberia to be one of the counties, there was never a time “where people from Sodoken district saw people from Grand Kru to disintegrate the people, but it is in your time that people from Grand Kru, came to destroy the fabrics of this community”.

“This is unfair and unfortunate for this community. Do not use this person that tries to help you. But we know, we will transcend and shall not be perished. We shall always transcend and overcome evil tendencies. It was a poison but we have found the antidote. Those who intend to destroy the hope and aspiration of the people of Sodoken will continue to have sleepless nights.

“I want to thank you very much, in the name of peace let us work together, may we build Sodoken district, in the name of peace, may we work together as brothers and sisters. Let us organize ourselves, better future lies ahead”, he said

While announcing his intent for 2029 he spoke his mind of the dishonesty and distrust among several communities in Maryland County including Harper and Karluway, stressing that henceforth he is going to work on his political base in Pleebo and get set for the race in 2029.

“Now Pleebo will decide what happens in the Southeast. Pleebo will claim its rights in the political structure of Maryland county. If you are from Pleebo, let us put aside our differences because we need to work together as a body. If people are taking you for granted, I want to assure you that Pleebo will not be taken for granted,

“We shall show them that we shall give them better leadership. We told the people that we are united but they have come to destroy us”, he said.

He thanked President Joseph Nyuma Boakai for his leadership thus far and assured the President that if he continues on the right path, the President can be rest assured that his support to the presidency will be second to none. I shall remain in the CDC but I will constructively support the good things for Liberia

Speaking on his defeat by Representative Williams, Chambers asserted that Williams was never a factor in the race but was used by outside influence against him( Chambers) to win the race.

“To the new representative of Sodoken-Pleebo district. I will not blame you. You have fought a fight. It was not your making. I know the story, I shall not narrate. Please understand that a system that has come to fight us, we will be good to that system. Those individuals who want to fight us, we will be good to those individuals.

But where I am, Grand Kru will not be as it has been. I shall speak for Grand Kru, I shall speak for Maryland, I shall speak for River Gee because our mining lands have been destroyed by our kru brothers; all the illegal mining being carried out is them, we have been advising them on camera but since they don’t listen, Liberia is bigger than anybody. Those things that continue to make our people sick in River Gee, Grand Kru, in Maryland have to stop. Enough is enough”, he concluded.

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