CDC Welcomes Int’l Partners’ Anti-Violence Call -As Candidates Campaign in Lofa Senatorial By-election

MONROVIA – The National Executive Committee of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change says it supports recent statements released by the UN and Liberia’s international partners, which amongst other things, called on ‘All parties to reject the use of violence and avoid making statements that could further increase tensions in the upcoming Lofa County senatorial by-election’.

According to a June 22, 2022 statement, the Leadership of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has embraced the position of Liberia’s international partners and urge all partisans, members, sympathizers and supporters for every citizen to see it as their responsibility to respect the rule of law, allow the expression of free speech without intimidation, and eschew violence at all times.

“The CDC cautions all partisans to exercise maximum tolerance while on the campaign trail, being cognizant of the party’s unbending political will to hold firmly accountable anyone caught in the commission of violence or incendiary activities. The leadership will remain constructively engaged at all levels of the party’s grassroots structures, and look forward to working with all relevant stakeholders for the common good.

“In this light, the CDC wishes to reassure the public, national and international partners of the party’s unconditional commitment to respect the rule of law and work for peace. Our ‘track record of mainly peaceful elections’ will continue to be enhanced and promoted,” the cautionary CDC statement proclaimed.

“The CDC, a party of law and order, rejects the use of violence at all times and encourages all political parties, stakeholders and political actors to avoid utterances that fan the flames of hate, anger and conflict,” the statement averred.

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