CDC Spokesman Blames UP -For Collapse of Putu Mining and Other Concessions

MONROVIA: As the war of words continue to trail the claims and counterclaims as to who did better than the other between the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the Unity Party(UP),The National Campaign Spokesman of CDC has blamed the Unity Party for the collapse of the Putu Mining Concession in Grand Gedeh County and the resulting joblessness of Grand Gedeans.

Speaking when he appeared on Flash FM, a local radio station in Zwedru, Cllr. Kanio Bai Gbala cautioned Grand Gedeans to not be fooled by “wicked propaganda from the failed Unity Party that seeks to wrongly blame the CDC for the Putu Mining collapse”. 

Cllr. Gbala further explained that just how the Buchanan Renewable Energy (BRE) company in Grand Bassa also collapsed, the Unity Party recklessly auctioned the land and natural resources of Liberia to many companies during their 12 year rule for which the affected counties have nothing to show. 

Cllr. Gbala further averred that the sad part is that these contracts are still binding on the Liberian people though there have been very little benefits if any for the affected counties. Cllr. Gbala therefore called on the people of Grand Gedeh County to remain steadfast and committed to the resounding first round victory of President Weah so as to guarantee national development.

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