CDC Fiercely Reacts To “Fake News” -Says All Partisans Remain United Behind Weah

MONROVIA: Some political pundits believe the Unity Party, whether in ruling position or in opposition, is comparatively stronger propagandistically than its main rival, Congress for Democratic Change now Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), with others conjecturing that the UP largely shot itself back to power more on the basis of that strength rather than on tangible transformation credential. Even while the nation is in transition, and the UP is about to take power in a few weeks, it seems the party is nonetheless keeping the ruling party, but outgoing party, on propaganda edge; it is accused of floating rather demeaning pieces of trial balloons and other information pieces against the CDC. But this has got to the nerves of the CDC, a party that is already nursing fresh wounds of defeat in no small way, and the one-term ruling party would not allow its rival go with impunity on what it considers “fake news” and propaganda. National Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu rose to the occasion with a statement denouncing simmering social media accounts and innuendos suggesting that the CDC is split, and that one of the factions was opting to unseat President Weah from the standard-bearership of the party. The Analyst reports.

Though the elections are over, power has changed hands with the opposition Unity Party becoming the ruling elite while the establishment Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)  is going into opposition, the protagonists are not letting the Liberian political space be quiet for a moment. Noises are bellowing so early all over the place, with strong political jibs being exchanged, including covert maneuverings to get at and undo each other.

It was a surprise when the mass media, principally the social media, became rift with posts suggesting that hell is breaking loose inside CDC, the ruling party that is nursing deep wounds of political waterloo suffered November 14.

In the past days, some folks have posted that the outgoing ruling party is unsettled, and that various groups are being formed at the highest level and that President George Manneh Weah, who is standard bearer was under fire to resign and be deposed as political leader.

The CDC was before in opposition for 12 years after which it took the mantle for six years. It is not known how long its ensuing opposition life will last, but critics say the deep cracks are made during its administration and particularly during the elections—cracks which could send the formidable party in permanent disarray to join the list of several former ruling parties.

That may be what naysayers are saying or thinking, or it may just be the fact. What is not a fact is that the party itself is not admitting to the prophecy of doom being spread about it and its officials; at least that is what is coming from the desk of the National Executive Committee of the party through its Chairman, Mulbah K. Morlu.

Morlu acknowledged the information about “chitchats of a ‘secret meeting’,” which he says his party’s opponents are reporting to suggest that partisans were discussing the deposal of Standard Bearer Weah, but all that is “entirely false & misleading”.

Speaking during a press conference during the week, Morlu said: “In fact, the CDC does not need a secret meeting to discuss or divulge a position on recent election issues. Those pushing this lie may not be aware that our official position as a party was clearly and publicly communicated recently, which unites the CDC solidly behind President Weah, while cautioning the incoming government against witch-hunt, bad governance, etc.”

He said the CDC’s opponents “are so afraid of the might and muscles of a united CDC that they’re trying so hard to create a false crisis in the CDC.

“Well, unfortunately for them, the CDC remains absolutely united around the leadership of its Standard-bearer, H.E. George M. Weah.”

Morlu continued: “Here is the bad news for the repackaged ‘Newcomers’, which is also good news for the Liberian people: the CDC was completely united throughout its campaigns, remained united in respecting the outcome of the half-district election [reference to 20,000 votes difference between CDC and UP as far below constituency population threshold of 45,000] mandate given JNB.”

He said the CDC will continue to remain robust, proactive and institutionally united in the coming months and years of its opposition so as to objectively engage and confront, when necessary, the ‘Old wine disguised in new bottles’, a reference to the incoming UP government.

“I’m glad that 99% of our people are unquestionably united behind the standard-bearer and the mighty party as we move forward, together,” he said, without mentioning what direction the remaining one percent is headed.

He thanked his partisans for allowing the period of disunity and destruction to pass, adding: “We have survived and prevailed over the darkest hours that come just before day. Let us now strengthen the unity and put the incoming ‘Den of Thieves’ on notice that we are the Mighty Coalition for Democratic Change that will not concede a micro inch of Liberia to misrule and witch-hunt.”

He called on what he described as “these half-district mandate bearers” to stop creating false cracks in the CDC, asserting that “besides, we are not a bunch of angry people, but a tolerant well-organized and patriotic sons, daughters, mothers and fathers who love this country and have sacrificed our all for it.”

The CDC National Chairperson said it is rather the UP that has begun to show visible signs of cracks and disintegration in its ranks and files so soon.

He stated: “At the same time, even before your one month in ‘Victory’, your cracks are already visible, as they become split while you sideline those that supported you in favor of a privileged few, ‘beer & butter’ revolutionaries.”

In his concluding statement, Morlu said: “But we are waiting patiently for your three month probation period to end as Liberians come to know that they have been dubbed and dumped by a fake rescue train which is now picking up strange passengers.”

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