CDC Craves For Autopsy -Announces Week of Mourning for Charloe’s Death

MONROVIA – The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is putting up a mixed face in the controversy marring the apparently fatal death of youthful Charloe Musu, daughter of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott. As a party that has fond place in its sociopolitical heart for young people that not only constitute nearly 80 per cent of the numerical base but also a credited lynchpin of its powers, the CDC appears hurt by the passing of Charloe. However, with political finger-pointing targeting the party’s image in the crisis occasioning the alleged armed robbery incident conjectured in some quarters to be the cause of death, the CDC is also fighting tooth and nail to ensure that transparent justice is pursued and done to redeem itself from hovering suspicions and innuendoes. Thus, as it declares a whooping seven days of mourning, it is at the same time calling for an autopsy on the deceased as to empirically determine the case of death. The Analyst’s Matthew Turry reports.     

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is calling on Government to conduct an autopsy on the remains of the late Charloe Musu, a daughter of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott, who was killed by yet-to-be-determined persons who alleged entered the Virginia home of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott February 2023.

The ruling party, through its Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu, called on the Liberian government to conduct the autopsy to empirically prove the cause of Charloe Musu’s death.

Morlue said during a press conference held at the Headquarters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, yesterday, March 2, 2023, that the Coalition was requesting the government of Liberia through the Ministry Justice and other relevant partners to carry out a full autopsy to establish circumstances leading to the gruesome demise of little Charloe Musu.

According to Chairman Morlu, the party did not want to play lip-service to the grave situation leading to the demise of victim Charloe, and that the CDC also declaring a 7-day mourning that began yesterday with blacks to be worn by partisans.

Morlue said: “CDCians under the sound of my voice, irrespective of your domicile, will wear black for little Charloe for seven days in solidarity with the family, and will also advocate during that period of seven days be active advocates for justice for the tragic demise of our daughter and sister.”

He said at the end of the seven days of mourning, the party will conduct a black candle night at the party headquarters to create the bases for the pursuit of justice.

Morlu also intimated that some individuals he did not name were attempting to exploit the tragedy for their political objectives.

“Others are attempting to exploit this situation for their political objectives; we are not among them. We will not exploit the poor victim’s tragedy for a political cause,” he continued. “We are shock because the victim was a Liberian. Even if she were not a Liberian, it would be incumbent upon us all, as a human beings, to ensure justice be done; as is always done when such grave tragedy occur.”

Chairman Morlu noted that the CDC would not sit by idly and allow murderers of women and children, or any human being for that matter, to go unpunished. He added that CDC as a party of the people will stand up and commit itself to work with all Liberians to ensure injustices anywhere will be dealt with the blow of the law to ensure culprits are brought to book before the law.

Morlu maintained that CDC had chosen to lead the charge, and campaign for justice in an unfortunate tragedy unfolded at the home of Cllr. Gloria Musu-Scott.

He opined: “We believe as a nonviolent democratic political institution that every life should be protected regardless of your political connection,” he added. “Every Liberian’s life is important to us; we will always strive to protect every life as have been demonstrated by the capable leadership of President Weah; and as a party, we stand in defense of the life, security, and peace of every Liberian citizen.”

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