CDA Craves Budgetary Support

By Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.
The Corporative Development Agency (CDA) has called on the government to make more budgetary appropriation for the agency to enable the institution execute its responsibilities adequately.
The CDA Registrar General, Reginald Sokan-Teah, told the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) regular press briefing Thursday, April 4, 2019 in Monrovia that the agency needs logistical and budgetary support to enhance its activities.
She said the Corporative Development Agency (CDA) is making sure that farming activities reach every part of Liberia as one of the means of supporting the Government of Liberia’s Pro Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity and the desire of the CDA to see Liberians feed themselves from their own products.
Madam Sokan-Teah also said the Administration of the CDA is working significantly, creating awareness across the fifteen political sub-divisions of Liberia through field visitations with a fixed message in ensuring that the corporative is on par with others in our neighboring countries like Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria amongst others.
She said the mandate of the Weah administration requires every government ministry and agency to show tangibles and not plenty of talks and flashy billboards, something she added that her institution is working immensely so that it does not follow suit.
“Our talk to the farmers we meet during our field visitations is that we want to see reality, because the President told us that he wants to see reality and he doesn’t believed in billboards without tangible” she asserted.
According to her, the Corporative Development Agency is the best option to enhancing food security in Liberia, encouraging farmers to join the CDA by forming cooperatives in their respective localities so as to promote and help make their works easier.
She mentioned that when the President said Liberians will not be spectators of their own economy, it meant that every Liberian must take positive steps to get involve with the production of food that will enable the country to feed itself from its agriculture products.
She also indicated that when government gives serious attention to the agriculture sector through the Corporative Development Agency, it will not only enhance food security, but also provide jobs security for many Liberians, especially the youthful population that makes up about 60% of the country’s population.
She further urged Liberians to form part of agricultural activities to ensure that more food is produced in the country to help reduce the high cost on the importation of the nation’s stable food and basic items producible locally.
The CDA boss also noted that the agency is working in collaboration with other government institutions like the Ministry of Information, which is the government’s information arm, Liberia Land Authority and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide land for farming purposes.
Meanwhile, the CDA background project summary of the February 2019 highlights capacity support to develop a National Cooperative Registry of Liberia in order to strengthen Liberia’s Credit Union Movement that has been prepared by the CDA for the Republic of Liberia.
A concept note titled: Capacity Support to Develop a National Cooperative Registry of Liberia and strengthen Liberia’ Credit Union Movement covers all counties of Liberia. The project duration is a four month target with the timeframe of March to June 2019 and has the funding of US98, 325.00.
The project has a conglomeration of beneficiaries of primary cooperatives and cooperatives stakeholders’ organizations that are part of the Cooperative Movement of Liberia which include the Cooperative Development Agency (CDA), Liberia National Federation of Cooperative Societies (LNFCS) and the Liberia Credit Union National Association (LCUNA).
The Cooperative Development Agency is the implementation agency that strategically oversees the development of all cooperative societies in Li

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