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Editorial: We Need Issues Based Campaign

AS LIBERIANS ENTER the electioneering season towards the 2023 general elections, it is becoming increasingly clear that the poll would be very competitive and frenetic at the same time. But there have been growing concerns as to how to

EDITORIAL: Let Us Fight Voter Trucking Now

FOR SOME TIME now every electoral season politicians and their enablers engage in what is referred to in the Liberian parlance, “Voters Trucking”, a situation where someone often under monetary inducement is taken from one constituency to

EDITORIAL: As The Year 2023 Dawns

JUST LAST SUNDAY, January 1, 2023, Liberians join the rest of the world in marking the onset of a new year. We are deeply aware that though there may be so many events taking place this year, the ensuing general elections will be the major

EDITORIAL: Beyond The MCC Scorecard

THERE HAS BEEN some sort of euphoric celebration from the government and its supporters upon receipt of the news last week that since 2018 Liberia has for the first time successfully passed 12 of the 20 thematic benchmarks of the


Commending Lofaians for The Exercise, But with caveat to the Opposition ON JUNE 28, 2022, the protracted delay in the conduct of the Senatorial by-election for Lofa County came to an end when thousands of citizens from the county


We Need a Peaceful By-Election in Lofa THE MUCH-AWAITED Senatorial by-election for Lofa County to fill the vacancy created by the inability of Brownie Jeffery Samukai to take the seat he had earlier won in 2020 predicated on the Supreme


Liberty Party, Take Seize of the Opportunity THERE IS NO denying the fact that the opposition Liberty Party, since entering the democratic space in 2005 by fielding candidates in the 2005 elections, has made indelible mark on the