Cape Mount on Time Bomb? -Warning Signals Blink as Citizens Await NEC Final Ruling

In the wake of the Government of Liberia’s strongest condemnation in December 2020 of the electoral violence in Porkpa District, Grand Cape Mount County which left thousands of dollars’ worth of properties vandalized, vehicles burnt and several persons injured including a journalist, latest information reaching The Analyst speak of impending violence on a scale bigger than 2020, as intel circulate that the National Elections Commission (NEC) prepares to hand down its final ruling in the long-running case between incumbent senator Victor Watson of the ruling CDC and opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) politician Simeon Taylor who was earlier been declared winner of the 2020 midterm senatorial elections.

According to our local correspondent and other reliable sources on the ground in Grand Cape Mount County, specifically Porkpa District which is considered the main stronghold of incumbent senator Watson, his supporters are gearing up in that part of the country for a violent showdown, vowing never to accept any verdict from the NEC that runs contrary to their expectation.

It can be recalled that President George Weah strongly condemned a reported political violence in Porkpar District in Grand Cape Mount County, just ahead of the December 8, 2020 Midterm Senatorial Elections.

President Weah at the time, incensed over a report that a convoy belonging to the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Senatorial Candidate in Grand Cape Mount County, Simpson Taylor, was attacked, strongly condemned the attack, and warned of dire consequences for perpetrators. Two vehicles belonging to the opposition camp were reportedly burnt, following a melee between rival supporters of political parties.

Following the December 8, 2020 elections in Grand Cape Mount County, the National Elections Commission would later declare Mr. Simeon Taylor winner after he had garnered the highest number of votes; but his defeated opponent would file a complaint at the NEC, citing fraud. Following a recount in specific areas, and subsequent appeals at the Supreme Court by the defeated Watson, the NEC would be ordered to probe further into incumbent Senator Watson’s fraud allegations.

As tensions continue to run high in Grand Cape Mount County, where concerned citizens have been protesting, demanding government to desist from depriving their county of its just representation in the Liberian senate, the opposition CPP has raised red flag of serious constitutional violations by the Liberian government in settling the Grand Cape Mount Senatorial case.

Against this background, The Analyst has cogently gathered that a NEC final ruling into the Grand Cape Mount County senatorial brouhaha is in the offing soonest. Howbeit, some citizens of the county, reportedly mainly supporters of the incumbent party, are overly concerned, warning of another bloody spate of post-electoral violence if their man loses.\

Citizens Wary

“I am calling on the Government of Liberia to immediately deploy strong  within the Porkpa District because we’ve gathered intel that Victor Watson’s supporters in his only and main stronghold are gearing for violence if the NEC result doesn’t go their way,” warns former Grand Cape Mount County senatorial candidate Sando Wayne who has been leading the call for a judicious and swift settlement into the electoral case.

Mr. Wayne, a stalwart of the United People’s Party (UPP), informed this paper that the impending threat must not to be taken lightly, given the past incidences of violence allegedly perpetrated by followers of Mr. Victor Watson and his alleged sponsor Idrissa “Bomber” Mansaray, against Mr. Simeon Taylor and his followers.

When quizzed on how supporters of Mr. Taylor would take the news if the NEC rules against their candidate, Mr. Wayne said he trusts that the NEC would do the right thing, just as they did when they declared Mr. Taylor winner after the December 8, 2020 tally.

“Liberians have put their faith in NEC. We know the process will be fair. The people of Grand Cape Mount County expect nothing less than the same transparent process that made NEC to declare Mr. Simeon Taylor winner of the December 2020 special senatorial elections,” Sando Wayne declared.

“Of course, we trust the National Elections Commission. They have proven themselves to be professional. We expect them to continue doing just that. But if Victor Watson and Idrissa think they can railroad the electoral process when NEC rules against them. we will be ready for them,” says Jesse Golafalie, a school teacher in Gola Konneh District.

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