CAC Speaks Against Anti-RIA H’way Expansion Crusade -Blasts Senators Dillon & Cooper for Campaign

The Citizens Action Committee (CAC), a civil society grouping, says with the historic move on the part of the Liberian Government to engage the East International to refinance pavement of streets to the modernization of the RIA highway, the Citizens Action Committee views as counterproductive the sustained attacks on the Company by some senators and believes that such attacks would deny the Liberian people tangible infrastructural development during this dispensation.

Addressing a press conference yesterday, the Acting Chairman of the group, Prince S. Grandoe, categorically pinpointed Senators Dillion and Senator Cooper of campaigning against the East International, wondering whether or not it was not the same East International that was heavily praised during the Ellen Johnson’s Unity Party era, accentuating that this is a complete political grandstand on the part of Senators Dillion and Senator Cooper.

“Their re-election bids must not be tied to this landmark road which will add to the aesthetic vista of the nation’s only international highway.” The CAC statement stressed, pointing out that the Citizens Action Committee is therefore rallying the support of the international partners and Liberians for successful completion of the project.

The East international, along with CEMMANT and Emperor 88, the internationally exclaimed Consultancy firms, has the requisite technical capacity to reconstruct the 45KM RIA Highway.

“Distinguish ladies and Gentlemen of the press, it is comical, disingenuous and bizarre that few Liberians with vested business and political interests will prefer to bamboozle the conscience of our people at the expense of their socio-economic growth and development in the name of politics,” a CAC Press Statement of February 26, 2020 said.

The statement said this Government under the watchful eyes of President George Manneh Weah has redefined service delivery in its truest sense; and as such, the sustained criticism by naysayers, some of whom are within the Senate, will not and must not thwart this effort.

“Not only have critics rebuffed the project, they have even criticized mere graphic designs of the RIA Highway Modernization plan,” the CAC statement indicated noting that they are not advocates and politicians, but rather agents provocateurs who will even bury their conscience against the forward march of the state,” the CAC maintained.

“CAC is of the strongest conviction that the pro-poor Agenda is in the best interest of the state and will bring development to our door stairs,”

the Citizens Action Committee’s Press Statement said, adding that CAC s a full-fledged Civil Society organization comprising top-notch Civil society actors and free thinkers who checkmate government functionaries and those within the private sector.

“Today, our attention is seriously awakening to attempt by CPP apologists and Anti-pro-poor campaigners who have resolve to undermine the Roberts International Airport Road(RIA) Expansion and Reconstruction Project,” the group said earlier.

The group also noted, “In 2017 the government of Liberia and the East International entered into a pre-financing agreement which was passed at the legislature and amended by the CDC led Administration; thus redirecting the chipseal pavement of streets to the modernization of the RIA highway.

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