Boy, 11, Needs Medical Treatment outside Liberia -His Mother Cries for Help

By Rancy  S. Teewia

If nothing is done to help eleven-year-old Alex Togba seek medical attention out of the country, he could likely lose his life, as the family have exhausted all avenues in Liberia for cure to no avail. Alex Togba’s mother, Mrs. Marina Togba is therefore calling on the Government of Liberia, philanthropic organizations and the general public to help little Alex seek further medical treatment out of the country.

Speaking to The  Analyst Newspaper in the Barnesville Dry Rice Market area during the week, the mother of little  Alex Togba, Mrs. Marina Togba, said her son started developing an unknown illness in January this year. At the inception of his illness the mother took him to the F.J. Grant Memorial Hospital in Greenville, Sinoe County where they were residing.

The mother noted that when they got to the hospital, after doctors examined Alex, she was advised to take her son to Monrovia for further medical attention because his situation was too complicated to be handled in Sinoe.

“When this whole thing started, I was confused so I decided to take my son to the hospital in Sinoe because that’s where we were living. After I got to the hospital the doctor checked my son and advised me to bring him to Monrovia and take him to John F. Kennedy Medical Center because in Sinoe they don’t have treatment for this type of sickness. In fact, the doctors said they don’t  know what is happening to my son and when I went home and informed my husband about it, he gave Three Hundred United States Dollars to help us with transportation, food and money to buy drugs,” little Alex Togba’s mother narrated.

Mrs Togba said when they came to Monrovia and went to the JFK Medical Center, she was instructed by doctors to take Alex to the ELWA Hospital. “And when I went to ELWA hospital, I spent One Hundred Eighty United States Dollars just to do the test. For almost three weeks now we could not get any result from the hospital,” Mrs. Togba disclosed.

She further explained that after two weeks the ELWA doctors informed her to take her son out of the country for medical attention.

“When I heard that my son needs to be taken out of the country, I shed tears because I am a doughnut seller, my husband is just a hustler, so where are we going to get money from and who will be responsible to  take care of us outside of Liberia? We came all the way from Sinoe County and I am in Monrovia because of my son’s sickness business. I have never traveled before and don’t even know where to start from, so we are calling on everyone to come and help us before my son dies in my hand,” little Alex Togba’s mother lamented.

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