Books Before Boys Condemns Attacks -On First Lady, womanhood

By: Matthew H. Turry

MONROVIA – A local non-governmental organization, Books Before Boys Inc. has condemned what it referred to as ‘the disdainful and degrading characterization of womanhood’  in a an authorized book authored by Emmanuel Clarke and his co-author, Isaac Tukpah, Jr.

The group said such characterization of womanhood as one shockingly wrapped in an unauthorized book” titled, George Weah: The Dream, The Legend, The Rise to Power.”

Addressing a news conference in Monrovia yesterday – Wednesday, the Public Relations Officer of the organization, Madam Wonderlyn M. Wiefue, said the institution is outraged by a disrespectful and demeaning portrayal of femininity that has been published by Prof. Emmanuel Clarke and his co-author, Isaac Tukpah Jr. in their book.

According to Madam Wiefue, Books Before Boys Inc. sees the disparaging expressions of characterization of the First Lady, Madam Clara Marie Weah, and the late mother of President George Manneh Weah, Madam Anna Weah, as a national embarrassment that must be denounced or condemned by all, regardless of political, social, or religious affiliation.

“Assertions of these are seen as fundamental threat to the enormous progress that has been accomplished in recent years whereby the message of gender sensitivity resonates with people from every sector, social class and tribe, regardless of political or religious connections and differences,” stating that for this reason, any attitude, portrayal, or description that seems to be biased towards women should be denounced or condemn to the utmost extent possible.

Madam Wiefue added that those humiliating presumptions discussed in the book, which shockingly describe the female provenance of the First Lady, appear to indicate that so-called intelligent and highly educated men have underrated, undercut, and damaged their efforts to end violence against women and children.

“This, in our opinion, is an outpouring of total hatred, disgust, and contempt for women, and this kind of assault towards Liberian women, in general, and the First Lady, in particular, has no place in our society’s culture of tolerance”, Madam Wiefue exclaim.

“We call on all Liberian women, regardless of social, religious, cultural, or some other allegiances, to condemn this blatant and unkind categorization of womanhood, and to express their frustration and distress against Prof Emmanuel Clarke and his co-author Isaac Tukpah”, she lamented.

She explained that with such a disrespectful characterization, the time has come to move beyond the ridiculous attempt of the two authors to degrade Liberian women in general and the First Lady in particular, and call on their compatriots and associates to denounce them.

Madam Wiefue said, in order to avoid encouraging the abuse of women and compounding the suffering that the First Family is facing, Books Before Boys Inc. is requesting all social media bloggers, radio talk show presenters, print media, and everyone else to refrain from posting materials from the book on social media

“Lastly, we condemn all form of cyber bullying, domestic violence, and sexually related actions against women, girls, and children that have taken place in our country and around the world,” she stressed.

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