Bong USA Group Slams Parallel Leadership -Warns public against the group

The National Board of Directors of the United Bong County Association in the Americas (UBCAA) has denounced the existence of a  parallel leadership under Messrs George Toto and Emmanuel Flomo who are acting in the positions of National President and Secretary General respectfully outside the officially elected and recognized leadership during its last national convention and warn the public from transacting any business with them as doing so will only put such person at the mercy of their own action.

In a Press release issued on Thursday, August 26, 2021, and signed by Natt Shaalia Dakagboi, Chairman, Board of Directors, UBCAA,  copy of which was served The Analyst Newspaper, the Board of Directors released the list of those who were officially elected by the General Assembly at the last convention held from July 16-18, 2021 in Minneapolis, Minnesota as Caimon Joe Kollie, National President, Mrs. Towan Kollie Peters, National Vice President, Rufus Kwenah, National Secretary General, David Parker, National Treasurer, Gabbo Z.M. Tokaph, Sr, National Financial Secretary and Madam Sylvia Flomo, National Chaplain.

“Please be informed that the Board of Directors of UBCAA has noticed with disdain that Mr. George Toto and Mr. Emmanuel Flomo are impersonating as the President and Secretary of United Bong County Association in the Americas (UBCAA). These messages are characterized by falsehoods, callous and wanton disregard for peace and tranquility, so as to create and promote division in our community. Consequently, as the litigious arm of our organization, the National Board of Directors, with vehemence, repudiates this renegade behavior in the staunchest form possible and firmly demands that all culprits desist without further delay. We also want to seize this moment to inform the public, especially those in the United States, Liberia, and parts adjacent that there is ONLY ONE legally registered UBCAA organization and leadership, which is headed by our constitutionally elected National President, Mr. Caimon Joe Kollie. Anyone who does or intends to do business with those individuals mentioned will be doing so at his/her own peril(s).

The release stated that the Board made it unambiguously clear that it did not receive any complaint or protest from any member of the (George Toto’s) team that voluntarily withdrew from the electoral process. The statement said instead of submitting complaint(s) or protest(s), if any, through the proper channel with UBCAA, or going to the 2021 UBCAA Convention to state such grievance(s), the George Toto led campaign voluntarily withdrew from the electoral process before the national convention. “Ironically, to self-aggrandize, Toto and cohorts are now impersonating as President or Secretary of UBCAA; a flagrant affront to established institutional conflict resolutions guidelines of UBCAA”, the release stated..

The Board further said it was also aware of the misleading public statement from the defunct UBCAA Election Commission led by Mr. Roland Freeman to delegitimize the general elections that was held at the 2021 UBCCA National Convention Pursuant to Article VIII of UBCAA’s constitution, the General Assembly, which is the highest decision-making organ of the association.

“Accordingly, during its plenary session on July 17, 2021, plurality of the General Assembly found it constitutionally necessary to dissolve the Election Commission for blatant negligence of duty of the commission’s Chairman for failing to attend the convention to conduct the elections, as well as Jeremiah Nuatomue, co-chair’s attempt to sabotage the elections in violation of the Constitution and will of the General Assembly.  The Board of Directors of UBCAA supports the will of the General Assembly at the general conference that is in accordance with Article VIII, Amendment # 27”, the Board stated..

The Board additionally raised an alarm distraction in the organization by stating it has been notified of a group led by Dr. Emmanuel K. Urey – Yarkpawolo calling itself as a Voluntary Committee to resolve disputes in UBCAA. “The Board of Directors wants to publicly disassociate itself from any effort by this group or any group whose effort is to undermine the integrity and the legitimacy of the newly elected officers.  The United Bong County Association in the Americas (UBCAA) is a legal entity with its institutional and governing structures to handle complaints or protests related to the elections and other matters”, it noted.

The Board urged all UBCAA members, chapters, Bong County citizens, current and former residents of Bong County, affiliated organizations, partners, and friends in Liberia and abroad to support the newly elected leadership of President Caimon Joe Kollie to work in addressing some of the critical needs facing their community. It stressed that it was fully committed to working with the new leadership in furtherance of the common objectives, adding that the people of Bong County are experiencing huge challenges and they need their support.

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