Bong Service Center Nets $2.4LD, US$2,380

By: D. Patrick Tokpah

Bong County Service Center through the Liberia Revenue Authority has released its progress report for the Month of May 2019.

In the Progress report, the center announced the total amount of two Million four hundred six-five thousand, ten dollars and eighty-three cents Liberian Dollars ($2,465,010.83 LD) plus two Thousand three hundred and eighty United States Dollars ($2,380.00 USD) as total revenue generated during May 2019.

Speaking interview with this paper on July 2, 2019, Bong County Service Center Coordinator Jefferson Gbaryan said in the month of May, they were able to offer Services to 977 end users in the county.

He said out of the 977 end users, 541 were males, 414were females and 22 Couples.

According to the Bong County Service Center Coordinator,  out of the $2,465,010.83 Liberian Dollars and $2,380.00 USD, the Ministry of Transport was able to generate the amount of one million four hundred fifty-one thousand four hundred and fifty-eight dollars ninety-seven cent ($1,451,458.97 LD) plus one thousand one hundred and thirty united states dollars ($1, 130 USD), noting that followed by Ministry of Commerce with six hundred five thousand three hundred and ninety dollars  ($605, 390.00 LD) plus one hundred united state dollars ($100.00 USD)  and the  Ministry Internal Affairs made eighty-one thousand two  hundred and seventy dollars  ($81,270.00 LD) plus two hundred fifty united state dollars (250.00 USD).

Mr. Gbayan revealed that the Bong County Service Center in the Month May 2019, started its regular Radio program awareness in accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Management of Kwatekeh FM, a dully recognized entity, for the purpose of creating more awareness in the County to promote the usage of the County Service Center at the District levels by means of service delivery in the County.

He further said during the Month May 2019, the Liberia Revenue Authority issued the total Flag Receipts to cover four hundred and sixty-one end users.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gbaryan said the Service Center has not been able to offer services for the ECOWAS Biometric identification, Adult Birth Certificates, Driver’s Licenses, Business Certificate, Contractors Certificate amongst others.

He said the issue of Utility Vehicle is one of the top priorities to help reach those places where there will be less attention by the radio. Additionally, he said the increment of salaries and benefits should be seriously considered so as to motivate the County Service Center staff in the discharged of their respective duties in the County.

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