Bomi Gets Lion’s Share -Weah’s Visit Leaves County Smiling Bigly

Historically, Liberia’s Bomi County is a progenitor of a sizable number of prominent Liberian political leaders, whether heads of state or heads of the National Legislature or head of the Judiciary. It is also blessed to be a base for some of the country’s large concessionaires. Unfortunately, however, this favorable political record has hardly translated into socioeconomic dividends that commensurate with its political luck. And sadly, the county continues to nurse the wounds of the failure or neglect of its prominent sons and daughters, leaving it on the bare margin of the socioeconomic order for decades. Worse still, the county played host to some of the country’s fiercest military battles during the civil conflict that further plunged it into abysmal squalor. It seems the sad days of the county and its people are on their way into oblivion; thanks to the advent of the 24th president of Liberia, George Manneh Weah, and particularly his pass through on his nationwide tour. In just two days of the President’s sojourn, Bomi County has got so much on the burner they had not experienced perhaps in the last thirty years. The Analyst documents some of avalanche of on-the-spot development projects and dozens others soon to take place.

When technicians and communicators on President George Manneh Weah’s nationwide tour finally settle down on the final draft of the registry of projects and development pledges dispensed by the Chief Executive throughout the tours to all counties, Bomi County would reign supreme. This is so because when the President spent just 48 hours in that county, it looked like he was possessed by a development angel or perhaps he was simply moved by this tiny province colossal woes despite its enviable place on the Republic’s political ladder.
At the close of his visit to the county, The Analyst carried out a rough count of things the President provided on the stop, and things he promised he would do in the not too distant further. From the conservative count, relatively much was done for the people and the county, and it seems that the President actually pitied the condition of that county.
On the first stop, for instance, the President announced giving chiefs and zoes two vehicles and several bikes, perhaps as many bikes as there may be prominent chiefs.
For the youth in Suehn Mecca, the President promised building a Youth Center, while the First Lady provided a new vehicle to a female nurse who moves around Suehn Mecca on bike to help pregnant mothers.
He announced soon-to-commence construction of a modern market and provide pro-poor housing units in the county.
The President also announced immediate works on the Bomi Community College, specifically constructing additional 50 class rooms at the Community College.
The county’s much-talked about Blue Lake, which the President visited, will soon be  Number One tourist attraction Center in Liberia; courtesy of the First Lady, Clar Marie Weah who offers to intervene as soon as possible.
The President further pledged to remodel the CH Dewey Basketball Court and to standardize the CH Dewey Field to FIFA level.
Bomi is also expected to see roads in Tubmanburg paved and those connecting outlaying villages and towns upgraded.
Also captured from the President’s interaction with the people of Bomi is the patching the Suehn Mecca Road from Moulton Corner to Bopolu.
Of course, there was a big one—Tubmanburg’s main street stretching over a mile and half was electrified while the President and entourage were still in the city. As the president department, the planting of more light poles and electrification of additional stretches of the street was ongoing.
One of the county’s renowned districts, Suehn Mecca has had difficulty with internet and telephone connectivity. This problem, the President, declared must be considered solved.
Also while in Tubmanburg, the President dedicated the newly built modern office complex of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP). The multipurpose regional office complex will serve NASSCORP’s clients and beneficiaries in Bomi, Gbarpolu and Grand Cape Mount Counties as well as provides banking (SIB) services to the populace.
The NASSCORP office building is a commitment to serving all clients and beneficiaries, the President noted, adding that it will save faraway citizens time, energy and other resources in getting to Monrovia to transact their activities.
“Pease make maximum use of this facility,” he cautioned the rural people.
President Weah also broke ground for the construction of 200 pro-poor housing units in Bomi County.
Upon arrival in Bomi Monday, the president got swarmed up by citizens who congratulated him on his massive transformation strides since his ascendency.
They voiced out challenges plaguing their communities and called on the president to intervene.
Immediately, the president received the requests, promising his government’s commitment to making rural Liberians and their communities’ equal beneficiaries of the nation’s resources.

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