Boakai’s 100-Day Deliverables Report Released -Says 74% Projects Complete, 26% Ongoing

MONROVIA: From all indications, the Unity Party led Government is not keeping its performance in its first 100 days in office under the rug, something insiders say is intended to project its nature of transparency and accountability. In earnest, actual implementation of deliverables under the 100-Day Action Plan could not understandably begin on day one, since the regime had to be formed first and a number of transitional residues cleansed. Howbeit, in the a few weeks, the nascent administration got to work and it seems the report from the implementation of the deliverables is somewhat impressive, as The Analyst report.

The administration of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has released a comprehensive report on its 100-Day Deliverables, awarding itself 74% completion of all the projects captured for implementation during the reporting period.

Addressing journalists at the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism’s special Press Briefing on Friday, May 17, 2024, the Deputy Minister for Fiscal Affairs at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Anthony Myers, said the intent of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to earmark the deliverable project was to target four major areas: Enhancing transparency and accountability in governance by implementing robust anti-corruption measures, enforcing the rule of law; strengthening financial oversight; and promoting ethical practices across all government entities to combat corruption effectively.

“Of the 87 targeted projects, 64 were completed constituting 74% and the remaining 26% are still being worked on,” Deputy Minister Myers summed up his report at the MICAT press briefing Friday.

He added that the pronouncement by President Boakai for a comprehensive audit of all government institutions, as well as setting up the Assets Recovery Taskforce to retrieve State Assets in the possession of past and present officials of government, formed part of the implementations of the 100-Day Plan.

He named the first phase audit of the Central Bank of Liberia, which according to him, was a system audit as part of the achievements of the 100-Day Deliverables.

Myers also named improving infrastructural development and accessibility by prioritizing the maintenance of primary road corridors, enhancing sanitation and upgrading ICT as the second strategic objective of the hundred-day plans.

He asserted that pictures from across the country have proven the level of work being done on the roads, as well as works being done by the Liberia Water Sewer Corporation, Monrovia City Corporation and other cities as major achievements in the area of sanitation.

Speaking further on the deliverables, he indicated that the enforcement of safety regulations by the Liberia National Police (LNP), robust actions in tackling drugs by the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) as well as efforts by other security apparatus in the discharge of their duties as another major milestones recorded during the period under review.

Despite the low adherence to the request by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) for officials to declare their assets, which LACC itself put at a mere 25%, Deputy Minister Myers mentioned President Boakai’s call for assets declaration on the part of government officials as one of the reasons why they have rated the achievement under the 100-Day Action Plan at 74%.

Speaking further at the well-attended press briefing at MICAT, Myers said the third strategic objective was to increase educational opportunities, combat drug and substance abuse by implementing immediate intervention to support quality education and provide support services for at-risk individuals.

He reported that the fourth strategic objective was to support economic development through policy reform and capacity building in Agriculture, Tourism and Commerce.

Considering all the four strategic objectives under the Plan, Myers emphatically rated the implementation at 74%, stating that the remaining 26% of projects are being worked on by the relevant institutions of government.

Giving the break-down of the achievement by sectors, Myers said agriculture census and data collection was completed and the national agriculture development plan was drafted and is awaiting validation.

He added that the validation is intended to ensure that the agriculture sector is ready with a strategy to enhance the national development plan.

He said for road infrastructure, the government is currently working on critical spots across the country to ensure smooth movement across Liberia during the anticipated rainy season, but noted that impassible areas obstructing vehicular movement were made passible at the time the President addressed the nation.

He averred that the fight against drug and substance abused by the LDEA has been drastically effective with a record of about 200 arrests of suspected drug dealers in the country, something which he said is covered under the rule of law.

For Education, the government reported the payment of arrears owed the West African Examination Council (WAEC) by the Liberian government from previous years as well as arrears for hundreds of local and international scholarship students.

Speaking on sanitation, the Deputy Finance Minister further reported that the cleaning of drainages, water reservoirs in Monrovia, Paynesville and other surrounding communities were carried out at 95% at the time President Boakai addressed the nation on the deliverables. He said the Caldwell water facility was also repaired.

The government also, in its report, mentioned the negotiations for additional electricity power from neighboring Cote D’Ivoire, electrification of other communities across around Monrovia among others, as achievements under the implementation period.

Myers reported also that the tracking and removal of fraudulent names from government payrolls by the Civil Service Agency is one of the greatest moves aimed at combating corruption under the 100-Day Deliverables.

He however disagreed with the report by the NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development which rated President Boakai’s deliverables at 10% completion.

He used the occasion to urge civil society organizations, as well as media practitioners, wanting to critique government workings to do so with adequate research and substantial information.

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