“Boakai Can Make Nyonblee VP” -Bility Says, But Doubts Her Influencing Bassa Vote

MONROVIA – The National Elections Commission of Liberia-officially recognized Chairman of the Liberty Party, businessman Musa Hassan Bility, says he has no problem whatsoever with former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai choosing Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence as his running mate for the 2023 presidential elections. However, Bility warns that such decision could dearly cause Ambassador Boakai to lose vital votes in Grand Bassa County because of the prevailing political dynamics wherein Nyonblee is no longer factored in the numerical strength of the unified opposition tent that ensured her to narrowly defeat former Foreign Minister Gbehsonghar Findley in 2020.

Making his position clear about hints of a possible Joseph Boakai-Nyonblee K. Lawrence ticket for 2023, Musa Bility, speaking with the media during the course of the week at his Monrovia office, said he doesn’t harbor any ill will against the Unity Party Standard Bearer choosing Senator Lawrence as his running mate, as has been speculated recently following the LP fundraiser in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

“But if people want to make themselves happy and say that Nyonblee has the Bassa votes, let them look for quality. When you are looking for a Vice President, you have to look in the person’s face and say if this person is prepared to be president from day one. Given Vice President Boakai’s age, which is a natural thing, his Vice President has to be someone who is prepared to be president. If that’s the quality that he saw in Nyonblee and wants to pick her as Vice President, that’s ok. But if it is to get the Bassa vote, Charles Brumskine has been more popular than any Bassa citizen.

Bility urged critics to look at the history of votes cast in Grand Bassa County that ensured victory for Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence twice.

“They need to stop this. Right now, I will be happy if that’s their conclusion. I will be very happy. But let them continue on that line. I am ok with that. It’s good for the CPP,” Mr. Bility said, in response to whether Senator Lawrence has what it takes to deliver Grand Bassa County to the Unity Party.

Continuing, Bility said people should understand the facts behind Nyonblee’s two consecutive victories in the Grand Bassa County with regards to the senatorial elections, so as to fully appreciate the impact she could make as a VP pick for Joe Boakai.

“Yes, she won two consecutive elections. One, she won on the strength of Charles Brumskine. The second one, she won on the strength of the CPP. Which means Unity Party, Alternative National Congress and the All Liberia Party did not field candidates in that race. And even then we won by less than 2,000 votes; so how can you say that person is popular? Let them go and fool themselves. Had Vincent Willie not gone in that race and received 7,000 votes from Gbehzonghar, the story would be different.

“Election is about analysis. Election is about strategy. Your decision must be based on facts,” Bility said, adding, the belief that Nyonblee is Grand Bassa County is a myth.

“How popular is Nyonblee in Bassa? She almost lost an election. She won that election simply because there were three other parties that did not put up a candidate. Just imagine if UP had a candidate. UP is very strong in that county. ALP is there; ANC is there. Where would she be with 2000 votes? I wish them luck. Let them go. That’s not my business. That’s the Unity Party’s business. But for me, as Chairman of CPP, it will be a good idea if Joseph Boakai picks Nyonblee. That makes it easy for us,” Bility mused.

    Delving further into a possible JNB-NKL ticket, and what are the prospects for the Liberty Party to make any impact in Grand Bassa County in the face of the recent incursions that Senator Lawrence has made in the county, Chairman Bility said the “real” Liberty Party is going to send shock waves through the spines of disbelievers.

“Wait for the end of September. You will see the Liberty Party in Grand Bassa. We will field candidates in all of the districts. Those who are behind Nyonblee to go and register them, after the elections we will tell them the results,” Bility boasted.

The Nimba Quest

Regarding his political quest in Nimba County to vie for the District #7 Representative seat, Chairman Bility assured that all is well as far he’s concerned.

“It’s going well. I am happy. The people are receiving us. That’s my home town, where I was born. There is no other place where I can go than home. I work for peace, I work for solace; so I am happy there. I don’t take anything for granted. As a fighter who believes in victory, who believes in success, I don’t take anyone for granted. This battle is for me to lose. I am the underdog here. I am a Mandingo man, running in a majority Mano and Gio territory. I am the underdog. But I trust my people; I believe in them, and I know that they will come out to vote for me,” Bility stated confidently.

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