“Bloody, Boldfaced Lie” -Musu Family Says Cllr. Johnson Misrepresented Justice Scott

MONROVIA – The family of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott has described as a bloody and boldfaced lie Cllr. Arthur Johnson’s assertions that he attributed to Justice Scott.

Addressing a press conference Thursday, April 5, 2023, at the Monrovia City Hall, Cllr. Johnson, lawyer for City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, stated that Justice Scott had said that “she knows” the individual who murdered her niece Charloe Musu on February 22, 2023.

“Cllr. Johnson, willfully and intentionally repeated his falsehood against Justice Scott for reasons the family believes are purely to support the feeble political and malicious propaganda campaign against Cllr. Scott in the wake of Charloe’s gruesome murder,” the Musu Family said in a press release issued Friday, April 5, 2023, noting that Cllr. Johnson’s deliberate misrepresentation of Justice Scott is part of a politically inspired wider campaign of misinformation and character assassination, intended to divert public attention, politicize the ongoing investigation and bury the facts and truth of who murdered Charloe, how and why she was murdered.

The family maintained that contrary to Cllr. Johnson’s falsification of available facts, Justice Scott, during her first appearance at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police in March this year, clearly and distinctly told the world through the media that “I know for a fact that there was somebody in our sleeping quarters who should not have been there, and this person is the person that killed Charloe Musu. She didn’t die by herself. I know that for a fact. When I encountered this person, I engaged their eyes and I put pepper spray in their eyes, because it was a question of life and death.”

The release said the family believes Cllr. Johnson’s deliberate attempt to feed the public with lies against Justice Scott is intended to support the many conspiracy theories put together by his (Johnson’s) allies and benefactors whose sole intent is to confuse the public, bury the truth and further victimize the injured family and allow the perpetrators of this heinous crime (murder) to go free.”

The Musu Family is meanwhile warning Cllr. Johnson and his likes to desist from their evil campaign of misinformation and disinformation against Justice Scott and the Musu Family, as she (Justice Scott) and the family reserve all rights to pursue legal actions under the laws of Liberia now and anytime legally permitted in the future.

“We are happy that both the raw audio and video of Justice Scott’s interview at the LNP Headquarters are still available on multiple social and traditional media platforms and in the family’s possession, as well as in the possession of lawyers and other interested individuals and institutions including our international partners,” the family’s release, signed by Musu Family spokesperson Nathaniel Toe, indicated.


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