Binta Bility Reacts to Allegation of Illegal Logging Activities in Grand Bassa

MONROVIA – “Pit- Sawing is a traditional livelihood activity in Liberia.  Let it be clear that the days of the past where secret groups and organizations were organized to deprive under privileged Liberian Citizens who could not find jobs in government are over.

“The George Weah’s government has set a Pro – poor agenda which provides a basic framework for Liberians to work hard for themselves in order to combat poverty.

“I am aware that Daylight is fronting for a group which has an intent to promote Confusion and Instability among Forest Dependent Communities in Liberia.

“I would not have chosen to respond to Daylight publication which is characterized by lies and baseless stories with intention to impress its Paymasters to justify their earnings.

“I am compelled to respond to Daylight publication simply because it has to do with my hard earned character which has made me a distinguished citizen.

“My Pit-Sawing activity which is far from Logging activities continues to bring relief to rural dwellers.

“The procedures for Pit -sawing and that of logging operations are not the same.  This is where Daylight is misleading the public.  In Pit-Sawing, the Sawyer register their business and later engage the villagers for their consent and an agreed benefit.

“There is no room for the granting of harvesting certificate to Pit-sawyer by the Forestry Development Authority (FDA)

“Whereas, the procedures for logging operations requires the granting of harvesting certificate to operate which are far different from Pit-Sawing  requirements.

“I am using this opportunity to state categorically that I have never engaged in illegal logging nor have I ever exported log as reported by Daylight.

“The logs specified in your September 18, 2022 article are intended for local consumption to later be put according to the specifications of the local buyer.

“One may wonder why Daylight is not informing the Liberian people that Pit-Sawing activities are designed for this group of Liberians which I belong to.

“Daylight has failed to inform Liberian of how foreign national are engaging in pit sewing activities, an activity that is reserved for Liberians.

“As a knowledgeable and investigative journalist, who you claim to be, one would have expected you to know the difference between Logging and Pit-Sawing instead of misleading the public.

“I trust that the public will ignore these baseless allegations while cautioning this so- called Journalist to always cross check their source of information and publish facts to forestall possible court cases”, said Binta Bility in a rebuttal to an allegation of illegal logging activities in district #1, Grand Bassa County by Daylight reporter.

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