Bility Rejects Another Signing -Says “Farmington MOU Already Enforced”

MONROVIA – The National Chairman of the Liberty Party, Musa Hassan Bility has said that there is no reason whatever for another round of ceremony for the signing of the LP 2021 constitution since it has properly being done at the December 2021 Special National Convention and has therefore rejected the decision by the political leader Senator Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence to hold a fresh program to perform said task.

Chairman Bility’s stand was contained in his response to the letter written to him by Senator Lawrence inviting him and other members of the executive committee and others  to a program she has scheduled to take place on Monday, July 11, 2022 “ to a signing ceremony of the new corrected LP 2021 constitution which she claimed is in compliance with the opinions of Justices Jamesetta Howard Wolokollie and Sie A-Nyene Yuoh, instructing the party to correct and submit the 2021 LP constitution to the National Elections Commission(NEC).

“I have received your communication to me dated June 6, 2022 in which you invited the National Executive Committee members and  myself to a ‘signing ceremony of the now corrected LP 2021 Constitution” to be held on July 11, 2022, and referenced “the opinion of Justices Jamesetta Howard Wolokolllie and Sie A-Nyene Yuoh, instructing us to correct and submit the 2021 LP Constitution to NEC” as your reliance for said ceremony”, Bility said in the introductory part of his response.

Bility reminded the Political Leader that it has been an arduous past two years in the LP and now it is time to move forward and begin the process of reconciliation within the party instead of making efforts to further the divide which, according to him is found in the said letter to him as intentionally trying to carry on and provided clarity on the matter of what actually transpired during the conferences held with both Justices of the apex court if in the event she did not understand in the premise.

“During the conference with Justice Wolokollie, the Court moved past your Petition and opined that the crux of the matter was whether or not the Farmington MOU had been enforced. LP enforced the Farmington MOU at its December 2021 Convention and submitted an amended Constitution to the National Elections Commission in January 2022. The National Elections Commission confirmed this to Justice Wolokollie and submitted a copy of the current LP Constitution filed at NEC as evidence that the Farmington MOU has already been enforced. I am again attaching the current LP Constitution filed at NEC for your reference”, Bility said in his in letter to Senator Karnga-Lawrence.

Bility maintained that considering that Senator Lawrence was not present at the conference with Justice Yuoh, he was informing her that during the conference the Justice in chamber at the time emphasized that the Court was together in its opinion on the matter of the decision regarding her Petition because the issues prayed for in the Petition were “nonjusticiable” and therefore “non-cognizable” before the Court. He noted that the Court’s opinion is reflected in the exact language of the ruling from Justice Youh which states, “By directive of Her Honor Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh, Associate Justice presiding in Chambers, you are hereby informed that the Justice has declined to issue the writ prayed for by the petitioners.”

“Contrary to your assertion, there is no opinion or ruling from either of the justices that instructs LP to correct and/or resubmit its Constitution. Therefore your intentional misconstruing of the Justice’s ruling and your scheduling of a “signing ceremony” is simply another attempt to continue the rift within the LP”, Bility said.

Bility whose long running battle with the political leader ended with last opinion of the Supreme Court said as an executive committee of the party they have made a definitive decision to reconcile the party which has already been through enough and they will have no part to play in continuing what he termed as the cycle of unnecessary back and forth on the matter that has already been resolved.

“I urge you also, instead, to align with the Court’s ruling and put your efforts towards reconciling the Party while adhering to the Constitution and respecting its National Executive Committee leadership”, Bility concluded.

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