Bility Hits Back at Witherspoon, Fahngon -Calls Them “Criminal”, “Irresponsible”

MONROVIA : Perhaps having resolved not to sit on the fence anymore while he was being “bullied” by Messrs. Stanton Witherspoon, the Chief Executive Officer of Spoon Media Network and Eugene L. Fahngon, former Deputy Minister of Information for Public Affairs, the Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties Musa Hassan Bility let out some of the strength in his arsenal to respond to them, describing Witherspoon “a criminal, who has no moral right to speak on anything in Liberia” and Fahngon “as an irresponsible fellow that does not have job, no home, has no family, has nothing to live for”, vowing to go after them henceforth with vigor and “bringing them down with my foot soldiers”.

Speaking through a podcast monitored by The Analyst over the weekend, Mr. Bility who pulled out strong words to vent out his anger and displeasure on the “series of attacks” with lies that he is negotiating with the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction(MDR) not to field a candidate against him, that he was out to destroy the CPP and the political career of the political leader of the CPP, Alexander Cummings and that Charlyn Brumskine, who is the presumptive running mate to Cummings had withdrawn USD3m from her law firm to invest in the campaign of the CPP.

“My people, this is Chairman Bility. I am back again because this time around, the bullies will not have a rest. I am determined that since it is in the best interest of the Unity Party to put two miscreants of our society as a reason why we in the CPP are under attack from them with lies and misinformation from them, I am here to respond to Stanton Witherspoon, who is a criminal defendant in the United States of America and Eugene Fahngon, who by all definition of success, is a failure.

“So, I am here to tell you that we in the CPP will not allow this to go unchecked anymore and the reason for this is simple. When they do it, they get away with it, the gullible society we have consumes it, and we struggle with it.

“We are four months away from making history, they are aware of that, we are four months to changing from the way the country has been for over a hundred years. We are four months away from changing the destiny of young men and women; we are four months away from a new Liberia”, he said.

Commenting on the allegation that he is begging MDR not to field a candidate against him, Bility while discounting it, called Stanton and Fahngon, “stupid”, asserting that they were fed with a wrong information because the MDR has a candidate in the race as the incumbent, who won the seat in 2017 is a partisan of UP and both UP and MDR are into a political marriage going into the 2023 general election.

“So, if Stanton and Fahngon were not silly, whoever told them for me to go and sit with the MDR not to put a candidate against me is to assume that the two bodies are going against each other. So, whether I like it or I don’t like it, we are facing each other. So, your naivety will not be allowed to go unchecked”.

He said there is not a single politician in the country that he was afraid of and that if Stanton and Fahngon had read history, they would have come to know the legendary old Malian empire king, Mansa Musa whose traits he has as a fearless person, adding “I respect the MDR but I am not afraid of them and any other person for that matter and will definitely win the race”.

On the insinuation that he receives monetary inducement from Mr. Cummings anytime his party endorses Cummings, Bility said it was far from the truth, setting the record straight the it was just once the Liberty Party endorsed the founder of the Alternative National Congress(ANC) out of conviction that he was the best candidate from among the list of others vying for the presidency, adding further that he was never a poor man going into politics as one of the first he did upon becoming the National chairman of LP was to use his personal finance to secure a befitting office for the party and purchased 7 pickups, saying “no other party has that type of fleet in the Republic of Liberia”.

“The day the Liberty Party and the ANC began their collaboration, the Liberty has not received a dime from the ANC. We don’t do it that way. You don’t see it that way. It is difficult to believe that, it is difficult to understand that. I am proud about my record. I like Mr. Cummings, I think he is good for the country and it is not because of his money”, he said

Bility who said he was in preparatory mood for the May 27, 2023 convention in Buchanan where the CPP will be naming Cllr. Charlyn Brumskine as the running mate to Cummings, stoutly defended her reputation and dismissed the allegation from Stanton that the daughter of the founder of the LP, Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine took $3m from her law firm to invest in the CPP campaign, adding that Stanton does not know who was Charlyn and the value she brings to the table, further stating unlike Stanton whom he consistently referred to as a “criminal”, Charlyn is a woman of virtue who will do everything possible not to taint the name and reputation of the Brumskine family and herself

“Do you know what values Charlyn carries? That is Charles Brumskine’s daughter, that is a woman of virtue. That is a woman that will not do the nonsense that you said she has done. That is a woman that will not sell her soul. She believes what she believes in, and you moron, sit over there and say Charlyn Brumskine took $3m from her law firm. Do you know what $3m is? I can’t blame you. Stanton. You close your eyes and you open it and you have 50-60 million dollars, you come here and they fool you and you bought buildings because you don’t know the value of the money.

“Stanton, you want to attack Charlyn, there is a whole army waiting for you brother. We are going to mode you down. That is our SHERO, that is our shining star. If you touch her, we will obliterate you. We will defend that child. We will defend her. Is that the lady they told you to defame, you will not cross that line. There is an army, layer of armies waiting for you. Don’t ever try it”, he said.

The CPP Chairman used the podcast to speak on the long running alleged corruption case he has with the Federation for International Football Association (FIFA) stating that the status of the body to stay out of the normal judicial process has made it possible to victimize many renowned personalities such as former international footballers who brought name and fame to FIFA such as Michel Platini, Karl Rummenige and King Pele.

He insisted that if there was a judicial process outside of the in-house arrangement with FIFA, the allegation against him would have long since been trashed by courts of competent jurisdiction and all the insinuations been made against him by Stanton and Fahngon would not have been given attention by some people.

“I have been here 3 years, calling me, Musa Bility, Criminal, where is the court? You, Stanton, before we could hear that you are a criminal, you were already in orange suit. Can you compare me to you? Everyday Musa Bility is a Criminal. That is the middle name you have given me now. But no one is saying, okay this is Musa Bility, take him to jail. Michel Platini, a victim of fifa, one of the greatest footballers, Rumunnige, one of the greatest footballers, even the great Pele, was ostracized by Blatter because he spoke out. That is the organization, they are outside of the legal realm of the world. The FIFA court says you don’t go to court. So, when they do wrong to you, it is defined the way they see it.

“Again, I am in Liberia where they say corruption has grandchild, but you cannot find anything on me. Is that FIFA business, it is your business. I am not like you, I made my money, I am enjoying good life”, Bility said.

“Where have we got to a point in our country where a man who does not have the right from his house to as far as 45 miles outside of his domicile to speak for you, how does the Unity Party feels to have this person as your spokesperson? What moral lesson are you sending?

“What message are you sending to America? The document that is flying around today, where the judge gave Stanton 45 miles to go to his relative graduation and while there that he must continue to report to his parole officer. That document says, The Government of the United States and Stanton Witherspoon”.

He said he has nothing against JNB’s choice of Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung, a fellow Nimbaian who has earned his respect and stripes in the county but he cannot dignify Stanton, “a narcissist, a man with self- ego and attributes that put you in all the trouble you are in, I am not like you. I take my time in life”.

“You cannot tell anyone how you made your money. When you and Fahngon sat there and said I owe taxes, that means I have a business, but I can’t blame you. Having failed the system in America, and you want to come here to influence things. You lost your freedom in America, the beacon of freedom, the country whose principle is based on freedom, which is your inalienable right, they have taken it from you and you want to influence our politics, we will not take it from you.

He said he has hired appropriate lawyers to get in contact with the Department of Justice to find out whether or not Stanton’s involvement in the politics of Liberia is not in violation of the parole he has been placed on. “Why should they allow you to be thousands of miles away and be involved in our politics. It is illegal, you need to be put away and you will be put away”.

My point here tonight is at what point did the Unity Party surrendered its propaganda machine to two miscreants, one is a criminal defendant, charged by the government of the United States of America, another one is an irresponsible fellow that does not have job, no home, has no family, no nothing to live for and that is why he is fat, if you don’t see him but when you see him, it is like some kind of an old lady sitting down because he is doing nothing with himself. Just sit there and shout.

“How do you shout with lies. But you know what our soldiers in the ANC and LP will go after you and will bring you down. When Stanton goes to jail, you will have nothing anymore so just take enough money from him to feed yourself in the process because he is going to jail”.

He buttressed his statement of being an honest businessman with a traceable source of whatever he owned as investment, including going to school and graduating from college and starting his business, selling gasoline in bottles right at the Caldwell junction while going to school and supporting himself and took on Stanton again for being a criminal with no tangible source of his “sudden wealth”.

“I started my gasoline business in bottles, endured through it and it became a gas station but I had a vision and that vision said, I have to bring my own fuel in Liberia. I didn’t stop there, I said I can’t just bring in fuel, I want to be like what the government is. So, I built my own tank, so I am proud of it. If you die here now, your children will suffer, but me, my children will not suffer. My life is defined, not you”, he said

The tough talking business-cum politician said Stanton and others were at liberty to pick former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai as their choice going to the 2023 general election and for him and the CPP, they took Cummings as preferred aspirant based on the fact that the former Coca Cola executive has what it takes to change the country.

“There is a choice of perception and there is a choice of conviction. You chose Joseph Boakai as a choice of perception. We who chose Cummings is a choice of conviction. There is no way what we are going through now that will change the government that will not be better than this. And the only way that will happen is when we elect Cummings. And we are on it, we are getting there, every step we are taking has given us one step to our destiny.

“I can tell you that we are getting ready for our program in Buchanan, our foot soldiers are getting ready for you but for now I am leading the frontline and after that, the foot soldiers will go after you and get you down because you are nothing. You are a disservice to the society. I mean this man is a criminal and I don’t know what Musa Dean is on. He has no right to be speaking about this government. His rights have been curtailed by the US government. One of the fundamental rights in the United States is the right of free movement, he has lost that. The man who can’t move five minutes from his house, you are allowing him to move 5,000 miles away to talk about the politics of this country?

“Stanton, you want to attack Charlyn, that is a whole army waiting for you brother. We are going to mode you down. That is our SHERO, that is our shining star. If you touch her, we will obliterate you if you touch her. We will defend that child, we will defend her. Is that they told you to defame, you will not cross that line. There is an army, layer of armies waiting for you. Don’t

Chairman Bility said he was baffled by the intent of the Unity Party to use proxies to attack the CPP and questioned the justification for the opposition unity being preached by the same party that is bent on destroying opposition figures in the country.

“Sometime I wonder what the mission of the Unity Party. You put fools on us, lie on us and then you want to come in the day and say let us go for opposition unity, opposition unity my foot. With these people, how can we sit down and talk? No it is not true. Let us respect one another. Let us take Liberia first and foremost. But if you have a moron like Stanton insulting you,  saying I am making a deal with the Unity Party. Don’t allow anyone to fool you. If I am beating anyone it is the UP I am beating. I am making it very clear that I don’t need the endorsement of anybody to win in this district.

“What message are you sending to America? The document that is flying around today, where the judge gave Stanton 45 miles to go to his relative graduation and while there that he must continue to report to his parole officer. That document says, The Government of the United States and Stanton Witherspoon”., he said.

He did not also spare Fahngon who recently decamped from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) to emerge as a leading mouthpiece of Mr. Boakai. He said it was utterly untrue for Fahngon to have said that he met him(Bility) on several occasions, among which was a meeting with President Weah in the president’s office and that he(Fahngon) has always been revered by Bility as a very important political figure in the country.

He said contrary to that, he met Fahngon once in his life and it was at the Ministry of Information where he( Bility) had gone to see his friend and Fahngon who had peeped through the window of his office, came down to speak to him and asked that he should visit his office before leaving the premises.

“And true to my word, I passed to his office to see him and throughout my short time, he was just complaining, how he was employed to just talk but nothing was behind it, even though he has never been given scratch cards. Out of my willing mind, I gave him $50 and I bet him to deny here that I didn’t give him my $50”, he said

Bility further said he could not fathom any reason why he and Fahngon will be doing at the President’s office if it was ever true because there was nothing in common they ever shared. “So, what will he and I do in the president’s office? What will we be discussing? Propaganda or what?”, he said.

He said Fahngon should not be going around inflate his what he is not worth, asserting that in 2019 while on a delegation along with former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, Fahngon was stopped from entering the venue of the meeting by US officials and did not attend all the functions for which he was on the delegation to the United States, terming him as a “nobody”

“That other one called Eugene Fahngon, who has nowhere to go, who talks from both sides of his mouth, ill prepared, illiterate, the guy is literally illiterate and he sits down and says Musa Bility took money, no, that is his life”. He said.

He warned both Stanton and Fahngon to stay clear of the CPP with their proxy attacks as the “foot soldiers of the CPP are on the standby to go after you, to bring you down and disgrace you.”

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