Bility Enters COVID-19 Fight -Empowers Health Center in Nimba To Become Treatment Center

As some well-meaning politicians have announced their campaign joining Government to combat the resurgent wave of COVID-19 in the country, private citizens and organizations are following suit with varying contributions in different provinces and regions of the country. The latest to join forces, though in a more concrete and impactful way, is business tycoon Musa Hassan Bility. As The Analyst reports, the Bility intervention has calmed trepidations, fears and anxiety amongst health workers in Nimba’s Saclepea and turned a health center there into a major treatment center.

It has been reported that one of Liberia’s leading business executives has entered the fight against the deadly COVID-19 with major donation that has equipped a health center to settle down for a major treatment center in Nimba County.

Mr. Musa Hassan Bility, who is a prominent citizen of Nimba County, has delivered a huge consignment of medical equipment and supplies to the Seclapea Health Center.

Authority and workers of the Center had reportedly almost run away due to the frightening developments that were taking place in terms of infection and hospitalization.

The head of the Center, Dr. Emmanuel Lah, told The Analyst that the entire Center was submerged in fears due to new wave of COVID-19 cases.

The young doctor recounted how they had seen five cases including health workers.

Dr. Lah said he and his team’s fear was because they lacked the necessary material to run a treatment center locally and had to transfer patients showing symptoms of COVID-19 to far away Phebe Hospital.

With two of the five cases leading to deaths and three still struggling to stay alive without the needed care, he said the management of the Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center thought to reach out for help.

That help fortunately came on Thursday July 7, 2021 when the Bility Development Foundation, headed by Musa H. Bility, delivered a huge consignment of medical supplies to the Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center.

The resident doctor, Dr. Emmanuel D. Lah said: “We wrote a lot of people for help since the resurgence of COVID-19 but Hon. Musa H. Bility has given us the biggest help, this man and his team beat our expectations and we remain deeply grateful.”

Dr. Lah told the gathering how the Bility Development Foundation responded in a timely and caring fashion.

The visibly excited Dr. Lah stressed that it is difficult to fight COVID-19 without oxygen as the virus is a respiratory disease.

Describing Hon. Musa Bility as a true patriot, Dr. Mathew Kolleh and other members of the medical team praised the founder of the Bility Foundation as a great son of Saclepea.

The medical team announced to the public and the press that with the materials presented are sufficient to turn the Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center into an effective treatment unit.

Dr. Lah was asserted that he was particularly happy with the contribution because, in addition to the oxygen tanks, the Bility Foundation also provided oxygen concentrators that generates their own oxygen without need for refills.

The medical supplies included Personal Protection Equipment or PPE to enable health workers protect themselves while delivering services to the public.

The health team at the hospital said before the donation the infrastructure to isolate suspected COVID-19 cases was lacking, including the necessary equipment and waste disposal systems to do so.

With the items presented by the Bility Foundation, they told the Analyst that the Health Center is now able to operate a treatment and isolation unit.

Gratitude of the people

Several local leaders took to the microphone to praise the exemplary citizenship of Hon. Musa Hassan Bility.

Hon. Harrison Karnwea, former superintendent of Nimba County and a prominent citizen of the county extolled the good works of Hon. Bility whom he described as a true son of Saclepea and Nimba County.

Hon. Karnwea underlined the fact that Bility could get more political clout for his gesture in Monrovia where there are more people “but because of his love for our people, Hon. Bility decided bring this help here”.

Cooper Karnue, District Health Officer also spoke at the donation presentation ceremony, he thanked Dr. Lah and his team for reaching out to the Bility Development Foundation for the substantial intervention and cautioned citizens to adhere to COVID-19 prevention protocol.

Love of Saclepea

Responding to the many expressions of gratitude by the local authorities and health center administration, Hon. Musa Hassan Bility said helping the community was a moral responsibility.

He thanked the medical team at the Health Center for reaching out in a timely fashion and admonished the citizens to protect themselves against COVID-19.

Hon. Bility said nobody has the cure for Covid-19, and that the donated items will only help in managing cases but the best way to beat COVID-19 is by preventing it.

“So wear your mask, practice social distancing and wash your hands,” he said.

“Being from Saclepea and being born in Saclepea are two different things,” Bility said, adding, “my umbilical cord or naval string was buried here.”

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